XETA Token Staking (Cycle 6): Unlock Ecosystem Benefits

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XANA Metaverse announces the start of the XETA Token Staking (Cycle 6), providing a unique opportunity for users to stake their XETA tokens and unlock a range of benefits within the XANA ecosystem.

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XETA Token Staking (Cycle 6) Schedule

Campaign Period

  • Starts: January 1, 12:00
  • Ends: January 14, 12:00 (UTC)

Join Ruffle Period

  • Duration: January 14, 12:00 to January 16, 12:00 (UTC)

How to Stake

Cycle 6 Rewards List

  1. XANA:Land (Common): Essential NFT for XANA Metaverse; useful for building, renting, trading, and hosting virtual events.
  2. XANA: Genesis: An advanced AI-based NFT partner for the Metaverse, enhancing the virtual experience.
  3. XANA:Genesis Voice Plugin v1: Enhances your AI partner’s communication ability in the Metaverse.
  4. XANA:Genesis Animation Plugin v1: Adds emotional and expressive animations to your AI NFT.
  5. Corporate Collaboration® T-Shirts WL: Whitelist for unique T-shirts NFTs in collaboration with major Japanese brands.
  6. XANA:Penpenz WL: Whitelist for the freemint Generative NFT, a collaboration between XANA and CryptoNinja.
  7. CryptoNinja NFTDUEL card WL: Access to the CryptoNinja series in the NFTDUEL trading card game.
  8. Rare Avatar Item: Exclusive XANA brand wearables for Metaverse fashion.
  9. In-App Currency: Currency for purchasing XANA Builder assets or wearables.

Additional Features

  • Option to give away or convert duplicated whitelist into in-app currency.

What is $XETA Staking?

$XETA Staking offers users the ability to stake their XETA tokens and unlock benefits in the XANA ecosystem, including LAND, games, DeFi, NFTs, and brand apps. It’s designed to be user-friendly: log into the XANA website and start staking to earn rewards.


  • Each staking phase offers growth in rewards.
  • The more tokens staked, the larger the rewards.
  • Rewards scale up as we progress through cycles.

Staking Periods

  • Campaign Period: Stake your tokens and earn tickets every 24 hours.
  • Join Ruffle Period: Participate by selecting the “JOIN RUFFLE” button within 48 hours using tickets from staking.
  • Reward Release: Lottery results are announced post the Join Ruffle Period. Claim your staking rewards and tax bonus.

Start Staking Your $XETA Tokens Today!

Unlock the full potential of the XANA ecosystem by staking your $XETA tokens in Cycle 6. With an array of rewards and benefits, this is your chance to be part of the growing Metaverse. Follow the simple steps to start staking and be on your way to earning exciting rewards!

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Table of contents