XSTAR by XANA: Revolutionizing AI Avatars in the Metaverse Era

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Introducing XSTAR: Pioneering AI Talent Agency

NOBORDER.z FZE, the developer of XANA (AIxWeb3.0 Metaverse), announces the launch of “XSTAR”, an innovative agency specializing in AI avatars and AI virtual humans. Breaking away from traditional VTubers, XSTAR introduces a unique user experience with AI talent, eliminating personal characteristics, redefining the concept of virtual personalities.

What is XSTAR?

XSTAR, unlike conventional talent agencies, focuses on non-personal AI avatars and AI virtual humans. Utilizing XANA’s cutting-edge technology that blends AI with the Metaverse, XSTAR aspires to create “an idol you can meet” in the virtual realm. In addition to Metaverse appearances, XSTAR talents will also engage in Web2.0 live streaming. Collaborations with various companies across multiple sectors are in progress, heralding a new frontier in entertainment and digital interaction.

The Vision Behind XSTAR

In a future where life straddles reality and the metaverse, the distinction between AI and humans will blur. XSTAR envisions a world where AI talents stand shoulder-to-shoulder with YouTubers and VTubers, seamlessly integrating into the digital landscape.

XSTAR as a Solution

XSTAR aims to revolutionize advertising and engagement by offering AI avatar talents tailored to client needs. This strategy not only reduces costs but also allows for flexible and diverse marketing initiatives. XSTAR’s talents can manage social media accounts, engage in AI chat, feature in commercials, and even conduct live streaming, fostering interactive communication with audiences.

XANA’s Achievements in AI Avatars

  • In 2022, XANA launched “XANA:Genesis”, a fusion of AI and NFT, leading the global market with a hit sales record of over 100 million yen.
  • XANA has collaborated with Tottori Prefecture to create the Metaverse Division and appointed Princess Yagami as its AI employee.
  • XANA’s AI avatar has also served as an ambassador at the Silk Road Expo in China.

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About XANA: The Web3.0 x AI x Metaverse Pioneer

Weekly Development Update

XANA, a leader in the Web 3.0 metaverse, harnesses AI to provide a comprehensive infrastructure essential for the Metaverse and AI era. Its notable implementations span local governments, listed companies, educational institutions, and TV stations.

Key Implementations and Achievements

  • Metaverse Koto Heartful Museum, Tokyo Olympics, Paralympics.
  • Web3.0 classes at Central Art Academy International Academy, China.
  • Virtual human for Milan Fashion Week “Unicorn Fashion Award.”
  • Development partnerships with JTB, JCB, Fuji Sankei Group.
  • NFT and Metaverse projects like ULTRAMAN, Astro Boy.
  • Introduction of “XANA Chain” to major global exchanges.

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About NOBORDER.z: Shaping the Future of Entertainment Technology

NOBORDER.z FZE, headquartered in New York and Dubai, is a trailblazer in combining entertainment with cutting-edge technology like Metaverse and NFT platforms.

Company Profile

  • Name: NOBORDER.z FZE
  • Location: Emaar Business Park, Dubai
  • Focus: Blockchain, VR, XR, AI, NFT development, and service management
  • CEO: Rio Takeshi Kubo
  • Corporate Site
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For inquiries, contact the Public Relations Department at [email protected].

Dive into the future of AI and Metaverse with XSTAR by XANA – Where virtual talent meets reality!

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