Yasuhiro Yamakawa, Associate Professor at Babson College, Joins XANA JAPAN as Advisor

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XANA JAPAN’s Strategic Expansion in Japan

NOBORDERz’s Key Appointment

NOBORDERz, the developer of the Web3.0 metaverse project “XANA,” has appointed Mr. Yasuhiro Yamakawa, an esteemed academic from Babson College and the University of Tokyo, as an advisor to XANA JAPAN, steered by CEO Yuuji Mizoguchi.

Mr. Yamakawa’s Renowned Expertise

  • Academic Excellence: As a professor at Babson College, renowned for entrepreneurship education, Mr. Yamakawa imparts knowledge in entrepreneurship, strategic management, and international business.
  • Diverse Roles: Beyond academia, he participates in entrepreneurship consulting projects, advises venture companies, and authors significant publications in business and entrepreneurship.

XANA’s Visionary Approach

  • One-Stop Metaverse Solution: XANA is a Web3.0 metaverse offering comprehensive solutions for the Web3.0 era, including the creation of metaverses, avatars, digital asset trading, and monetization.
  • Global Success and Ambition: Achieving significant global recognition, XANA JAPAN’s goal is to become the leading Web3.0 metaverse in user engagement, creative community, economic impact, and market capitalization.

Mr. Yasuhiro Yamakawa: A Distinguished Profile

  • Advisor to XANA JAPAN: His extensive expertise in international business and management will provide strategic guidance for XANA JAPAN’s expansion in Japan.
  • Advocating Social Change: Embracing XANA JAPAN’s vision of offering “another place” and “another self,” Mr. Yamakawa aims to address modern challenges and promote entrepreneurship, reaching a broader audience through his global network.

Profile of Mr. Yasuhiro Yamakawa:


  • Academic Leadership: A professor at the prestigious Babson College, specializing in entrepreneurship, strategic management, and international business.
  • Global Recognition: Known as a leading figure in entrepreneurship, holding significant roles in Japan and internationally, including positions at the University of Tokyo and Venture Café Tokyo.
  • Influential Positions: Engaged in various influential roles, including in the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s J-Startup program and the US-Japan Council.


Join the innovative journey of XANA JAPAN! With the guidance of Mr. Yasuhiro Yamakawa, we are set to revolutionize the Web3.0 space. Be a part of this transformation as we stride towards creating a more connected and engaging metaverse experience. Explore, engage, and expand with XANA JAPAN!

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Table of contents