Japanese Top Anime Voice Actor To Hold Virtual Fan Meet

Exciting news for fans of Shinnosuke Tachibana! The renowned Japanese voice actor is hosting a virtual fan meeting in XANA Metaverse on March 27th at 19:00 CST. This event, titled “Shinnosuke Tachibana Metaverse Fan Meeting,” offers a unique opportunity for global fans to engage with Tachibana virtually. Pre-registered NFT holders can access the broadcast via an invitation-only streaming service on YouTube, and the fan meetup will also be broadcast on the XANA Metaverse. This event marks the first virtual fan signing event by a Japanese voice actor since the pandemic. The event will feature Japanese and Chinese language options, facilitated by a Chinese MC. Fans can make reservations for this special event until March 19, 2022, at this link.

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NFT Tickets As Lasting Engagements Between Fans and Actor

Shinnosuke Tachibana is taking fan interaction to the next level in the Metaverse. Fans can purchase NFT tickets, which serve as both streaming access to the fan meeting and an invitation to exclusive event areas within the Metaverse. These special NFTs also include exclusive voice messages and videos from Tachibana. The NFTs include:

  • Shinnosuke Tachibana 3D character artwork with digital signature.
  • Five types of voice messages.
  • Online fan meeting participation rights.
  • Special lottery participation rights.
  • These NFTs are non-tradable until the event’s end to prevent hoarding and high-priced resale.

The NFT Marketplace Will Push NFT Tickets Forward

XANA, in collaboration with Shinnosuke Tachibana, is offering these unique NFTs through the XANALIA NFT Marketplace. The NFTs are designed to be ported to the XANA Metaverse for event entrance, with a non-tradable feature until after the event.

Shinnosuke Tachibana’s Call For Virtual Fan Meet

Shinnosuke Tachibana, born on April 26, 1978, in Gifu Prefecture, Japan, is a celebrated voice actor known for roles in “Tokyo Ghouls,” “Idolish Seven,” “God Begins,” and many more. He invites fans globally to join this unique online live-streaming event, which merges traditional fan meetings with the innovative world of Metaverse.

XANA Bringing Big Events to Metaverse

The “Shinnosuke Tachibana Metaverse Fan Meeting” in XANA Metaverse offers fans a chance for close interaction with Tachibana. NFT ticket holders can enjoy exclusive content, take virtual selfies, and engage in direct communication with Tachibana. The event is set for March 27th at 19:00 CST.

Stay updated on this exciting event by following XANA’s official channels on Twitter, Discord, and Telegram. Don’t miss this unprecedented virtual fan meeting experience in the XANA Metaverse!

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Table of contents