Introducing the Alpha Test Version of “Event Function” on XANA Web!

We’re excited to unveil the alpha test version of the “Event Function” on the XANA Web Official Site. This new feature revolutionizes how you can interact and engage with others in the XANA Metaverse.

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Event Function Overview

Creating Interactive and Social Experiences

  • Diverse Event Hosting: Organize and host various events in the XANA Metaverse, from NFT image exhibitions at museums to music festivals.
  • Large-Scale Presentations: Utilize large screen venues for impactful presentations, including YouTube video distributions.
  • Global Accessibility: Guests from around the world can join, fostering cross-cultural connections and global interactions.

Potential Applications

Expanding the Scope of XANA’s Ecosystem

  • B2B Promotions: Ideal for business-to-business promotions and presentations, enriching the XANA ecosystem.
  • Cultural Exchange: Enables global cultural exchanges, conversations, and messaging, enhancing the social aspect of the Metaverse.

Important Notes

Understanding the Alpha Test Version Limitations

  • Functionality Limitations: Please be aware of potential limitations and glitches due to the alpha test phase.
  • Future Feature Releases: More event-specific and luxurious features will be released gradually.
  • Device Specifications: Depending on your mobile device and the version of the XANA app, you may encounter issues with transitioning from the web to the app or playing YouTube videos.

Event Function Website and Manuals

Access and Guidance for Seamless Event Hosting

  • Event Function Website: Explore the possibilities at xana.net.
  • Operation Manual: Learn how to use the event function effectively here.

XANA App Download Links

Get the XANA App for a Complete Experience

  • Android App: Download the XANA app for Android here.
  • iOS App (Test Flight Version): Download the test flight version for iOS here.

Conclusion: Embark on a New Journey of Metaverse Events

Join us in exploring the endless possibilities of event hosting in the XANA Metaverse. As we continue to enhance this feature, your feedback is invaluable. We look forward to seeing the creative and innovative events you’ll host! Stay tuned for more updates and developments in the future.

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Table of contents