XANA Metaverse Mobile App Update v23.08.11: Elevating Your Virtual Experience

The XANA Metaverse Mobile App continues to evolve with the latest update v23.08.11, bringing an array of new features and fixes aimed at enriching user interaction in the virtual world.

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Updated Features and Enhancements

A Fresh Take on User Experience

  • Concurrent Connections Display: Users can now toggle the display of simultaneous connections on the home screen. Note that the displayed numbers might differ from actual figures.
  • New User Tutorial: A guiding tutorial for new registrants and guest users.
  • Splash Video Introduction: A 10-second welcome video post-registration.
  • Gesture Thumbnails Update: All gesture thumbnails, like dances, are revamped.
  • XANA Festival Animations: Five new movement categories introduced for a more lively festival experience.
  • Closure of JJ World (ZONE-X): This public world closed on August 8, 2023.

Bug Reports and Fixes

Smoothing Out the Kinks

  • LobbyK Crash Resolution: Fixed crashes on select devices.
  • Collectible Popups Hidden: Addressed the visibility of collectible game components.
  • Game Component Bugs: Resolved about seven issues, including info popups and quizzes.
  • Avatar Movement Bugs: Addressed problems with “sleep, crouch” actions.
  • Spawn Floating Issue: Fixed post-release spawning issues.
  • Transform Component Discrepancies: Resolved differences between the App and Builder.
  • Object Coordinate Misalignments: Addressed positioning issues in containers and truck beds.
  • Farm and Future Category Objects: Fixed display issues on the App.
  • Boiler Object Issue: Resolved functionality concerns.
  • Overall Minor Bug Fixes: Approximately 15 minor bugs were rectified.

Supplementary Information

Enhancements and Guides for Better Gameplay

  • Game Components: Introduced 20 new components in the XANA app.
  • Avatar Operation Manual: For detailed usage of BreakingDown avatars in the app, check English Manual / Japanese Manual.
  • Avatar Design Variance: Some differences exist between NFT image avatars and those in the app.

Download the Latest Version

Access the Enhanced XANA Experience

Compatible Devices

Check Your Device Compatibility

  • Android: Requirements include Android 10, Snapdragon 665, Adreno 618 GPU, 6 GB RAM, and 3 GB free storage.
  • iOS Mobile: Compatible with iPhone11 and later models, running iOS14 or later.
  • iPad: Requires iOS 14 or later, with an A12 Bionic chip or higher.

Simultaneous Connection Capacity

Connect with Up to 10 Users in One World

  • Capacity: Up to 10 individuals per world. Exceeding this number leads to separate dimensions within the same world.
  • Alpha Version Limitations: Longer loading times, potential app crashes, and limited SNS functions.

Conclusion: Dive Into the Enhanced XANA Metaverse

Get ready for a more immersive and smooth experience in the XANA Metaverse. The latest update aims to enhance your virtual explorations and interactions. Download now, and step into a world of improved functionality and engagement. Stay connected for more updates and upgrades from XANA!

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Table of contents