XANA Browser: Direct Metaverse Access via Web, No App Needed

The launch of the “XANA Browser” marks a significant leap forward in making the metaverse more accessible and user-friendly, especially for newcomers to the XANA world.

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What’s New with XANA Browser

Simplifying Access to the XANA Metaverse

  • Direct Browser Access: Users can now dive into the XANA metaverse directly from their web browser, bypassing the need to download the XANA app.
  • Desktop Experience: Available on large-screen desktops, the browser version offers enhanced realism and a closer engagement with the vibrant XANA Festivals.

Innovative Features and Developments

Expanding XANA’s Reach and Functionality

  • Widgetization Function: A key feature under development, aiming to broaden business-to-business transactions and provide future solutions.
  • Roadmap for Expansion: XANA is crafting a roadmap for further technological advancements and business collaborations.

User Experience Considerations

Optimizing for Different Platforms

  • PC-Only Access: The browser version is designed for PC use, as mobile devices are currently not supported.
  • Official Event Limitation: Currently limited to official events due to the alpha test stage, and users may experience some functional limitations and bugs.

Resources and Information

Guides and Links for a Seamless Experience

Conclusion: Step into the XANA Metaverse with Ease

Experience the XANA Metaverse like never before, directly from your desktop browser. The XANA Browser initiative is part of our commitment to enhancing user experience and accessibility. We invite you to explore the metaverse with ease and look forward to offering more innovative features and expansions in the future. Stay tuned for more updates from XANA!

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Table of contents