XANA Builder Update v23.08.17: Expanding the Horizons of Metaverse Creation

The latest update to the XANA Builder, v23.08.17, brings a range of new functionalities and bug fixes, pushing the boundaries of virtual world creation and optimization.

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Updated Information

New Functionalities for Enhanced World Creation

  • Extended Font Support: Special symbols and Japanese characters are now supported for naming worlds and detailing production lands.
  • Flag Placement Update: Right-click (or two-finger trackpad click) now places flags, improving in-world navigation.
  • Trial Version of Poly Count: This feature calculates the number of objects within a world, impacting load times and app stability.

Poly Count Stages

  • Light (White) Stage (0-2,500,000): Stable world loading and operation in the XANA app.
  • Medium (Yellow) Stage (2,500,001-4,000,000): Slightly slower loading, may require object adjustment.
  • Heavy (Red) Stage (4,000,001-4,999,999): Slower loading and usability, increased crash risk.
  • Max Limit (5,000,000+): No additional objects allowed; world saving disabled.

*Note: The XANA app will operate normally as indicated in the above indicators as long as the device meets the minimum device specifications and stable communication environment supported by the XANA app, but this does not apply to devices that do not meet the recommended specifications.
*Because of the large fluctuation in RAM capacity and device usage, the XANA app does not always work even if the device meets the recommended specifications.
*Also, the XANA app is currently being optimized, so there may be cases where the app does not run properly as indicated in the above indicators.

Bug Fixes and Optimizations

Continual Improvements for a Smoother Experience

  • Object Optimization: Reduced colliders and weight for about 2,000 objects, with ongoing work.
  • Display and Reflection Corrections: Addressing bugs in object displays and reflections.
  • Audio Component Fix: Resolved selection issues, particularly on Macs.
  • Blind Component Bugs: Fixed random bugs in the Blind component.
  • Wallet Connect and UI Fixes: Addressed login issues and thumbnail shooting UI for publishing.
  • Component Bugs: Resolved issues in Trow, Quiz, and narration components.
  • Explorer Reflections: Fixed duplication bugs affecting object display.
  • Overall Minor Bug Fixes: Rectified approximately 20 other minor issues.

Supplementary Information

Additional Notes for an Improved Building Experience

  • Game Component Bugs: Minor issues identified in components like Audio will be addressed.
  • Land Identification Function: Temporarily disabled for the upcoming game contest. Details

Resources and Guides

Essential Manuals and Links for Builders

  • XANA Builder Operation Manual: Available in Japanese and English.
  • Game Component Manual: Comprehensive guide at XANA Web.
  • Land NFT Identification Manual: Requirements for production worlds detailed at XANA Web.

Download the XANA App

Further Assistance and Feedback

  • Customer Support: Contact via chat on XANA Web. Reference image here.
  • Feedback and Suggestions: Submit through the DAO sheet.

Download Information

Access XANA Builder on Your Preferred Platform

Device Compatibility

Ensure Your Device Meets the Requirements

  • Windows: Compatible with 64-bit Windows 7, 10, and 11. Requires DX10 graphics card and 4 GB RAM.
  • Mac: Requires macOS Mojave 10.14 or later with Metal-capable GPUs and 4 GB RAM.

Conclusion: Dive into Creative World Building with XANA Builder

XANA Builder’s latest update v23.08.17 is here to transform your metaverse creation experience. With these new features and fixes, you’re set to explore new creative horizons. Download the builder, check your device compatibility, and embark on your journey of virtual world creation with XANA. Stay tuned for more updates and advancements from XANA!

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Table of contents