Latest XANA Metaverse Mobile APP Update: v23.06.09

Table of contents

Updated Information

App Enhancements and Bug Fixes

  1. Avatar Pose Update
    • Idling Pose: Changed from hand flapping to a standing pose.
  2. New Animations
    • DAO-Requested: Added 9 crouching and lying down animations in the “Other” category.
  3. Real-Time Connection Display
    • Visualization: Simultaneous connection numbers now shown on world thumbnails on the home page.
  4. Minimap Update
    • Default Setting: Off in all worlds.
  5. Icon Color Update
    • XANA Icons: Enhanced colors in full screen.
  6. Animation Improvements
    • Aerial Camera: Updated animations for shooting.
  7. Search Function Accuracy
    • Enhancement: Japanese search to be updated in the future.
  8. Bug Fixes
    • Color Perception: Resolved issue with players seeing own colors differently.
    • UI Bug: Fixed in the “Display Messages” game component.
    • Minor Bugs: Approximately 10 other bugs fixed.
    • Note: Ongoing fixes for minor bugs in new features.


Additional Enhancements

  1. Game Components
    • Implementation: 13 new game components now available in the XANA app.
  2. Operational Manuals

Download Information

App Availability

  1. Android Version
  2. iOS Version
  3. User Manuals

Compatible Models

Device Specifications

  1. Android
    • OS: Android 10 or above
    • CPU: Snapdragon 665 Octa-core and above
    • GPU: Adreno 618
    • RAM: 6 GB and above
    • Storage: 3 GB free space
  2. iOS (Mobile)
    • Models: iPhone 11 or later
    • OS: iOS 14 or later
    • CPU & GPU: Specified configurations
  3. iPad
    • OS: iOS 14 or above
    • Chip: A12 Bionic chip or above
    • CPU & GPU: Specified configurations
    • Device Check: Ensure compatibility to avoid malfunctions.

Numbers of Persons Who Can Connect Simultaneously

Connection Limits

  • Maximum Capacity: Up to 10 people in one world.
  • Dimension Shift: Exceeding the limit results in different dimensions within the same world.

Limitations (Alpha Version)

Current Restrictions

  • Loading Time: Extended world loading time.
  • App Crashes: Potential crashes due to excess connections.
  • Functionality: SNS and other functions limited, pending future updates.
  • Network Requirement: Best used with stable Wi-Fi due to large data size.
  • Troubleshooting: In case of malfunction, try uninstalling and reinstalling.
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Table of contents