XETA & LAND Staking (Cycle 17) is Starting!

Weekly Development Update
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Campaign and Raffle Timings

  1. Campaign Period
    • Duration: June 15, 12:00 to June 28, 12:00 (UTC)
  2. Join Ruffle Period
    • Duration: June 28, 12:00 to June 30, 12:00 (UTC)
    • Note: All times are in UTC.

How to Stake

Instruction Manuals

  1. Staking $XETA
  2. Staking LAND
  3. Staking Site: XANA Staking

Rewards List

Staking Incentives

  1. XETA Staking
    • Items: XANA:Penpenz, XANA:Land, XANA:Genesis Voice Plugin v1, XANA:Sneakerz, NFTDUEL card (PACK), NFTDUEL booster, Kinashi Fuji Allowlist, XANA Wearables, XENY.
  2. LAND Staking
    • Items: XANA:Penpenz, XANA: Genesis, XANA:Genesis Animation Plugin v1, XANA:Sneakerz, NFTDUEL card (PACK), NFTDUEL card (single), NFTDUEL card (Allowlist), XANA Wearables, XENY.
    • Note: Allowlist duplication can be gifted or converted to half-amount in-app currency (return system).


What is Staking?

The Concept and Benefits

  • Definition: Users stake XETA tokens and LAND to unlock benefits across the XANA ecosystem, including LAND, games, DeFi, NFTs, and brand apps.
  • Process: Easy login and staking on the website.
  • Phased Rewards: Progress through cycles for growing benefits. More staked tokens equal larger rewards.
  • Future Potential: Excitement for user achievements with XETA and LAND.

Staking Periods

Duration and Procedures

  1. Campaign Period
    • Activity: Stake during this period. Tickets are pooled every 24 hours.
  2. Join Raffle Period
    • Participation: Use “JOIN RAFFLE” button within 48 hours with earned tickets.
  3. Reward Announcement
    • Procedure: Only participants in the raffle are eligible for the lottery. Post-lottery, claim “STAKING REWARD” and “TAX BONUS” (excludes LAND Staking).
    • Unstaking: Available at any time.
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Table of contents