Welcome to the World of NFT DUEL: A Comprehensive Guide for New Players

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The Goal of the Game in NFT DUEL

Embark on a thrilling journey in NFT DUEL, a play-to-earn card game set within the expansive XANA metaverse. Your mission is to outmaneuver opponents and reduce their Health to zero, all while protecting your own in a battle of wits and strategy.

NFT DUEL Card Types: The Heart of the Game

Understanding the two primary card types in NFT DUEL is crucial for mastering the game. Each card type has unique features and roles in the gameplay, shaping your approach to each duel.

Character Cards: Your Battleground Warriors

Character cards are the backbone of your NFT DUEL experience. They are the warriors you deploy to directly engage with your opponent’s cards or battle for dominance on the field.

Key Features of Character Cards:

  • Abilities: High-level Character cards may possess special abilities, triggered instantly or under specific conditions. Mastering these abilities is vital for gaining an edge in duels.
  • Elements: Character cards are aligned with one of five elements: fire, water, tree, metal, and earth. Understanding the elemental advantages and disadvantages is a strategic necessity.

Support Cards: Your Strategic Enhancers

Support cards are the tactical game-changers in NFT DUEL, capable of altering the course of a battle with their unique effects.

Types of Support Cards:

  • Instant Support: These cards unleash effects that last until the end of the current turn, offering immediate tactical advantages.
  • Permanent Support: Their effects persist until the end of the game or until the character is destroyed, providing lasting benefits.

Remember, you can deploy as many Support Cards as your available Mana allows.

Understanding MANA Cost in NFT DUEL

MANA is the lifeblood of your strategy in NFT DUEL. Each card comes with a MANA cost, found in the upper left corner, determining when it can be played.

  • Mana Accumulation: You start with one Mana, gradually increasing each turn up to a maximum of ten.
  • Strategic Deployment: Higher MANA cost cards are typically more potent, requiring strategic timing for their deployment.

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Table of contents