Focus On Building Your Strategy in NFTDUEL

Mastering NFTDUEL requires more than just a collection of powerful cards. It’s about strategically assembling a deck that capitalizes on synergy and elements. This guide will navigate you through essential deck-building strategies, ensuring you don’t just participate but dominate in NFTDUEL.

1. Go With 1 Or 2 Types Of Element Cards

In NFTDUEL, decks are themed around five prime elements: Fire, Water, Earth, Tree, and Metal. To build a formidable deck, focus on one or two elements that work well together. Remember, synergy is key. The more your cards’ effects complement each other, the stronger your deck becomes.

2. Always Keep Support Cards In The Deck As They Are Game Changers

Support cards, despite their inability to directly attack, can dramatically alter the battlefield. These cards have unique abilities that can snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. They bolster your character cards, which are your primary damage dealers.

3. Keep Mana Cost in Mind

Every card in NFTDUEL comes with a mana cost. This cost determines when you can play the card. Balancing your deck with cards of various mana costs ensures you’re prepared for every phase of the battle.

4. More High Mana Costs Cards Or More Low Mana Costs Cards In A Deck May Make The Strategy Unbalanced

A mix of high and low mana cost cards is essential. While high mana cards are powerful, they can only be played later in the game. Low mana cards are useful early on but may fall short as the battle intensifies. Striking the right balance is crucial.

5. Check The Potential Of Your Deck Versus AI

Before stepping into PvP battles, test your deck against the AI. This practice session helps you warm up and refine your strategy without affecting your rank. Remember, AI opponents can’t fully replicate the unpredictability of real players.

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The Bottom Line

Avoid mixing cards from different series within the same deck due to the lack of synergy. For instance, ULTRAMAN and Astroboy series cards should be kept separate.

Building a powerful deck is a journey of strategic planning and continuous improvement. Use these insights to shape your approach, and soon you’ll be crafting decks that not only challenge but also reign supreme in the NFTDUEL arena. Remember, your deck is a reflection of your playstyle and strategic acumen, so build wisely and step into the arena ready to conquer!

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Table of contents