NFTDUEL Alpha Test League Season 2 is Starting

Get ready for another exhilarating season of the NFTDUEL Alpha Test League! Players will engage in intense battles for two weeks, competing for top ranks and the chance to win exclusive rewards.

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League Details

Event Duration and Participation

  • Date and Time: The league runs from 9.23 12:00 to 10.7 12:00 (UTC).
  • Eligibility: Open to ULTRAMAN / Astroboy Genesis and XANA Alpha Pass holders.

Prize Conditions and Rewards

  • The top two players in each league on the ranking board at the end of the tournament will win the rewards.
  • Rewards include Prism card NFTs and Duel tokens, totaling a value of $1,400.
  • Prize Distribution:
    • Silver 2: 1st Place = Lv.5 Prism Card + $300, 2nd Place = $240
    • Silver 1: 1st Place = Lv.4 Prism Card + $200, 2nd Place = $160
    • Bronze 3: 1st Place = Lv.3 Prism Card + $130, 2nd Place = $110
    • Bronze 2: 1st Place = Lv.2 Prism Card + $90, 2nd Place = $70
    • Bronze 1: 1st Place = Lv.1 Prism Card + $60, 2nd Place = $40

Important Notes for Participants

League Fairness and Battle Limit

  • LP Reset: At 9/23 11:00 (UTC), all players’ LP will be set to 0 to ensure a fair start for the league.
  • Battle Limit: There is a cap of 5 battles per day (24 hours).

Alpha Test League Specifics

  • This season is primarily for testing purposes, allowing participation without initially required NFT cards and DUEL tokens.
  • The actual league will mandate these requirements, offering more extensive rewards.

Download and Installation

Exclusive Links for League Participation

Eligibility for Scoring

  • Players must update to the latest app version (22.9.22) to be eligible for scoring. Failure to update will result in disqualification and subsequent elevation of lower-ranked players.

System Requirements and Support

  • Ensure your device meets or exceeds the required specifications to avoid UI corruption and other bugs.
  • For immediate assistance with any issues, contact Xanalia’s customer support team for individualized help.

Join the NFTDUEL Alpha Test League Season 2

Prepare for battle and showcase your skills in the NFTDUEL Alpha Test League. Download the latest version, ensure your device is ready, and step into the arena for a chance to win impressive prizes. Join now and be a part of the thrilling NFTDUEL experience!

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