NFTDUEL – CryptoNinja – NFT Voice Actor Selection

We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who participated in the voice actor auditions for NFTDUEL – CryptoNinja – NFT characters. Following a meticulous review process, we are excited to unveil the selected professional voice actors who will be bringing these characters to life in NFTDUEL. Stay tuned for their upcoming debut!

*Character Name – Discord Name – Twitter ID


1-フェニックスナルカミ-Narukami らっはーRAHHAR @_RAHHAR_
2-柴-Shiba (General)
3-結-Yui (General)
4-カルラ-Karura まー某 @mabo_money
5-宇迦-Uka (General)
6-カルマ-Karma koyama
7-アトザ-Atoza 桜井 幸哉 @sac_yuki12
8-刃-Jin koyama


1-ゴールデンオロチ-Orochi らっはーRAHHAR @_RAHHAR_
2-弁天-Benten まー某 @mabo_money
3-雛之丞-Hinanojoh (General)
4-餡音-Anne (General)
5-シャオラン-Xiaolan fumiko
6-断-Dan リツト【ぼっち系アイドル】
7-金鬼-Kana-Oni (General)
8-サットヴァ-Sattva TOMOMI @TOMOMI5038


1-水風船ミタマ-Mitama fumiko
2-呂屯-Rotten (General)
3-イチヤ-Ichiya まー某 @mabo_money
4-瀬織-Seori ちひろ(Chihiro) @Chihiro_Wish
5-ネム-Nemu ちひろ(Chihiro) @Chihiro_Wish
6-凪紗-Nagisa まー某 @mabo_money
7-アウン-Aum 桜井 幸哉 @sac_yuki12
8-久遠-Quon まー某 @mabo_money


1-リーリー-LeeLee Nako
2-令-Rei (General)
3-猫又-Nekomata (General)
4-紫苑-Shion ちひろ(Chihiro) @Chihiro_Wish
5-酉花-Torika fumiko
6-咲耶-Sakuya (General)
7-於兎-Oto (General)
8-岩爺-Ganzi らっはーRAHHAR @_RAHHAR_


1-ルナ-Luna (General)
2-ヤーマ-Ya-ma 桜井 幸哉 @sac_yuki12
3-蛇ノ目-Janome (General)
4-狐白-Kohaku (General)
5-風太-Fuuta (General)
6-コンガ-Konga Nako
7-孫市-Magoichi Nako
8-ハヤテ-Hayate Nako
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