NFTDUEL: Ecosystem of a New Era Web3.0 Trading Card Battle

“NFTDUEL” is more than just a game. It represents the forefront of an innovative Web3.0 gaming ecosystem, leveraging blockchain technology and NFTs. This article focuses on the league system and reward structure of NFTDUEL, analyzing how players can hone their skills and strategic thinking to climb to higher leagues. Additionally, it delves into how this unique ecosystem builds a sustainable gaming economy.

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League Structure

The basic structure and participation conditions of the league are as follows:

Duration: The league takes place over a period of 30 days.

Objective: Users aim to ascend to higher leagues within these 30 days.

Season: Players strive to increase their ranking over a 30-day season to move up to higher leagues.

LP: Winning increases league points (LP), while losing decreases them. Surpassing a certain point threshold leads to promotion to a higher league, while falling below leads to demotion.

Match Limit: There is no limit on the number of matches per day.

Leagues: There are six leagues: Trial, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Elite. As you move up, the number of cards you can bring and hit points increase, leading to battles with higher-level players and larger LP and rewards.

Sub-Leagues: Each category is further divided into three sub-leagues (e.g., Bronze 1, 2, 3). While the maximum number of cards and hit points remain consistent, only the required amount of FUEL and the LP that fluctuates with wins and losses vary.

Sub-League League Points: Players have the chance to earn more league points by defeating higher-ranked players in their sub-league.

Matching System: Matchmaking occurs within the same league, including sub-leagues. For example, within the Bronze league, players from Bronze 1, 2, 3 are matched, and similarly for Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Elite leagues. For instance, Silver and Gold players will not be matched.

Winning Streak Bonus: Consecutive wins add a bonus to league points, allowing for efficient accumulation. Stopping an opponent’s winning streak also yields significant bonuses.

League Participation Conditions

Trial League: In the Trial League, all cards can be used, and FUEL is not required.

Bronze and Above: The following two conditions are required:

  • NFT Cards: Users must own NFT cards used in the game.
  • XETA Tokens: Users must own XETA tokens, which are staked and converted into Fuel.


What is FUEL: The fuel required for participation in league battles, akin to in-game currency.

Acquiring FUEL: Players need to stake XETA tokens and convert them into FUEL (fuel) for league battles. They can also earn it by winning battles.

Fuel Conversion: 1 XETA is equivalent to 1 unit of Fuel.

Fuel Consumption: The amount of Fuel required varies across leagues (e.g., Bronze 1, 2, 3), with higher leagues requiring more Fuel.


Treasures: The in-game reward system.

Contents of Treasures: The types of rewards included are:

  • FUEL: Necessary fuel for league battles, similar to in-game currency.
  • Game Cards: Cards used within the game.
  • Boosters: Items that enhance the attack and defense power of cards.

Methods of Acquiring Treasures: Players can obtain treasures through two main methods:

  • Daily Rewards
  • Season Rewards
  • Special Treasures

Special Treasure

Special Treasures: Distributed to all participants as part of the season rewards. However, to obtain a special box, one must be in at least the Bronze 1 league and complete a total of 150 battles during the season.

Opening Special Treasures: Requires 80$ worth of XETA.

Contents of Special Treasures: The probability of receiving rare cards is higher than usual, and there’s a possibility of containing Genesis cards.

Daily Rewards

Daily Rewards: Treasures obtained by participating in and winning league battles.

Post-Battle Rewards: Upon completion of a battle, the winner earns a treasure, with the contents displayed in the UI.

Contents of Daily Reward Treasures: FUEL or Special Treasures.

Special Treasure Probability: Occasionally, a regular treasure may turn into a special treasure at a specific probability.

Reward Calculation: Rewards are calculated based on the league level of the loser.

Season Rewards

Season rewards are given to all participants at the end of the season.

Eligibility for Rewards: Season rewards are distributed to the top 30% of participants at the end of the season, across all leagues from Bronze 1 to Elite 3. Players with higher rankings receive better rewards in their treasures.

Contents of Treasures: Include FUEL, cards, and boosters.

Types of Treasures: The season rewards consist of both normal and special treasures.

Reward Pool

Concept of the Reward Pool: The reward pool is set up by the administrators and is where the prize money is pooled. The design ensures that the XETA tokens consumed always automatically exceed the XETA tokens supplied.

Allocation of Rewards: Approximately one-fifth of the total amount in the reward pool is allocated as the reward for that season. For example, if the pool contains $100,000, then $20,000 is set as the maximum total reward for that season.

Tournament Participation Rights

Depending on the performance during the season, players can participate in two tournaments with high prize money.

There are two types of tournaments: one that only top players can participate in and another open to all season participants.

Details about the tournaments will be announced later.


These mechanisms create a system where, contrary to traditional Play-to-Earn (P2E) games, the more the game is played, the higher the value of the XETA tokens rises, realizing a mechanism that enhances the token’s value with increased gameplay.

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Table of contents