Weekly Development Update | 2 December – 8 December

Weekly Development Update

Week of Remarkable Achievements.

As the team continues to shine, they’ve managed to outdo themselves once again. The XANA Development team has made some big leaps forward this week, boosting XANA’s reputation as a leader in the world of Web 3.

Let’s look at the highlights from our different teams over the past week.

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Key Highlights

  1. Onboarding UI Nearly Complete: A sleek and user-friendly onboarding interface is almost ready, pending the integration of the last few design screens.
  2. Front 2.2 Functionality: Clarity has been achieved, and a QA build is set for testing next week, marking a significant step toward enhancing user interaction.
  3. JJ World Analytics Enhanced: Key issues resolved, leading to more accurate and reliable user data insights.
  4. Balanced NPC Chat: Adjustments made to the English and Japanese chat ratio for a more immersive NPC interaction.
  5. Upcoming Focus: Finalizing key UI features and tackling optimization tasks, including Builder to XANA syncing issues.
  6. Wallet Connection Improvements: Addressing ongoing challenges with the wallet connection, awaiting support for an updated version.
  7. Quality Enhancements on the Horizon: Preparing for live streaming features and resolving reflection issues to elevate the overall app quality.

XANA Browser

Key Highlights

  1. J&J World Integration in XANA Browser: Seamless integration achieved, offering users direct access to J&J World’s features within the XANA browser environment.
  2. Chat Window Issue in XANA Browser: Identified a glitch where messages are not appearing in the chat window. The team is actively working on a fix to ensure smooth communication.
  3. NFT Display Issue in XANA Browser: Addressing a display problem with NFTs in the browser. Steps are being taken to ensure NFTs are correctly visualized, enhancing user engagement with digital assets.
  4. XANA Lobby Development in Web GL: Ongoing development of the XANA Lobby in Web GL, focusing on providing a robust, interactive user interface for an improved online experience.

XANA Builder

Key Highlights

  1. Focused on user workflows, with backend and frontend teams coordinating to implement new features.
  2. Completed avatar movement integration and addressed JP feedback issues.
  3. Prioritized high-priority fixes and QA feedback, planning to tackle low-priority fixes subsequently.


Key Highlights

  1. Recent Developments:
    • Focused on implementing feedback and hotfixes, particularly addressing SQA-reported issues.
    • Advanced work on the LP chat box, including UI tasks and backend API work.
    • Successfully launched Staking Cycle 27, including reward distribution to customers.
    • Addressing QA-reported issues.
  2. Next Week Plan:
    • Focusing on displaying Cycle 29 rewards on the staking site.
    • Developing a universal chat feature for XANA LP, improving search functionality and accuracy.
    • Completing the chat box functionality.
    • Continuing with optimization tasks and resolving UI/UX issues in XANA Web.


Key Highlights

  1. Ongoing Developments:
    • Focused on implementing SQ8’s feedback, enhancing product stability with regular hotfixes on the live site.
    • Progress on creating ‘X’ on the XANA-Chain, currently in the combined testing phase.
  2. Next Sprint Plans:
    • Development of an internal bridge between XANA-Chain to C-Chain for $XETA.
    • Setting up the e-commerce backend and implementing necessary backend changes.
    • Additional hotfixes to further enhance system stability and performance.


Key Highlights

  1. Auto Logout from Other Device Functionality:
    • Feature: Implementation of auto-logout functionality when a user logs in from a different device.
    • Benefit: Enhances security and user account integrity.
  2. Cross-Platform Login Capability:
    • Functionality: Users can log in to their accounts on both Windows and Mac platforms using the same account credentials.
    • Impact: Provides flexibility and convenience for users accessing their accounts from different operating systems.
  3. Genesis Card Behavior in Leagues:
    • Issue: The Genesis card remains in the deck even when a user drops from the Bronze 1 League to the Trial League.
    • Action: Investigating the deck management system to correct this inconsistency.
  4. Incorrect Popup for Insufficient Fuel:
    • Problem: Users see the “unlocked card in your deck” popup instead of the expected “Fuel not enough” notification.
    • Resolution: Adjusting the system to display the correct popup message, ensuring clarity in user interactions.

Rooster Fighterz

Key Highlights

  1. Completed Tasks:
    • Resolved with the help of the community team and now live in production.
    • Added pagination to the races and results module, currently under JP testing.
  2. Other Completed Hotfixes:
    • Resolved the timing discrepancy when displaying voting process results, now under JP testing.
  3. Plans for the Next Week:
    • Rename the function of roosters.
    • Implementing a light mode for better mobile view compatibility, expected to complete within the week.
    • Finalizing the race screen timing.


Here at XANA, it’s all about making our users happy. User satisfaction is what keeps us going strong. Our different projects may vary, but they all come together under the XANA umbrella.

This week was packed with updates and exciting discussions.

Keep an eye out for next week’s dose of new stuff and improved experiences.

Until then, stay well and take care.

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Table of contents