“NFTDUEL NFT Cards Migrating to New Contract”

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Objective of Migration

  • Enhanced NFT Utility: Addition of a feature to restrict using the same NFT in different wallets during a league.
  • Streamlined Ownership Verification: Migration to XANAChain’s new ERC1155 standard contract for easier verification of card ownership (based on IP, Element, and level) and card type identification in marketplace transactions.

Migration Schedule

1. Owner Actions (Until 4/23/2023, UTC)

  • NFT Withdrawal: Withdraw NFTDUEL cards from exchanges (Bybit, Binance) to personal wallets.
    • Special Note for UltramanGenesis Card Holders on Bybit: Manual migration via Bridge function required due to non-functional withdrawal feature.
    • Credit Card Purchases: For NFTDUEL NFTs bought with credit cards and yet to be withdrawn, perform WithdrawNFT from XANALIA V1 Site.

2. XANA Actions (4/28/2023 to 5/3/2023)

  • Cancellation of Listings: XANALIA will cancel listings of NFTDUEL cards.
  • Card Burn and Airdrop: Burning of old cards (ERC721) and airdropping new contract cards (ERC1155 for XANAChain).

3. XANA Actions (Starting 5/4/2023)

  • Marketplace Functionality: Enabling listing and purchasing of migrated NFTDUEL cards on XANALIA.

4. Future XANA Actions (Date TBA)

  • Transfer Functionality: Implementation of card transfer features.

Important Points to Note

  • Migration Deadline: NFTs not in personal wallets by 23rd April will not be migrated by XANA. Owners can use an upcoming bridge function for self-migration (gas costs apply).
  • Contract Acceptance: Future NFTDUEL will only recognize cards from the new XANAChain’s ERC1155 contract.
  • Trading Limitations: New contract NFTs can only be traded on XANALIA.
  • Unified Contract: All cards will be under one contract and one XANALIA collection named ‘NFTDUEL’.

Migration Eligibility

  • Eligible Cards: Cards under the old contract source.

Title Series Type Chain ContractAddress
ULTRAMAN 1st Genesis ETH 0xc8015ec9bf67d66a7194542fc72fc0430d0d9b2c
BSC 0xd83c0de34cb7e3eabb68af2a2c6efd41c8e4b9a3
Polygon 0x5813939c463bf035614a0b6921f7404e471934f0
Normal BSC 0x4ea52592535868676d5327b6febae6fa6e8db7d7
Astroboy Tottori Genesis ETH 0xd972f71a1f307354334eebefa80bb6b236ffb6a4
BSC 0x47f2d74b5180ea8c1566d1573d7b3f2b7eb1a170
Normal BSC 0x47f2d74b5180ea8c1566d1573d7b3f2b7eb1a170
Okayama Normal XANA 0x8ccef584d69c9532a70690394fb0dd3afd183f46
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Table of contents