“XANA Builder Update: v23.04.18”

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Update Highlights

  • QR Code Enlargement: Implementation of a command for full-size QR code display.
  • InfoPopup Animation Update: Refreshed animation for the InfoPopup (formerly the help button).
  • Extended Countdown: Increase in the maximum seconds for countdown settings.
  • Game Component Enhancements: Fixes to minor bugs and UI improvements in game components.
  • New Game Components: Introduction of four new components including Display Messages, Adding Force, Turn Off Light, and Narration (story narration).

Note: Due to pending updates on the XANA app side, worlds with these new game components won’t be available on the XANA app yet. For detailed guidance, refer to the Operation Manual for Game Components.

Publishing Disclosure

  • Publication Functionality: Introduction of a function to publish worlds to the “XANA APP” as a test version.
  • LAND NFT Requirement: Currently, anyone can publish due to the unimplemented LAND NFT identification function. Future updates will require LAND NFT selection for publishing.
  • Public World Viewing: Check “New” and “HOT” tabs in the XANA APP for public worlds. “My World” coming soon.
  • Publishing and Land Size: To alter the land size of a published world, it must first be unpublished.

For publishing procedures, consult the Publishing Manual (JP and EN).

XANA APP Download Links

Notes: Objects and SKY are on a trial basis and may be subject to changes. For any issues or suggestions, please submit them via the DAO Sheet. For immediate assistance, contact Xanalia’s customer support.

Downloading XANA Builder

Available for Windows and Mac users, the “XANA Builder 23.02.23” update can be downloaded from the following links:

For usage guidance, refer to the manuals available in Japanese and English.

Device Compatibility

  • Windows: Requires Windows 7, 10, or 11 (64-bit), X64 architecture processor, DX10 graphics card, 4 GB RAM, and 6 GB free storage.
  • Mac: Compatible with macOS Mojave 10.14 or above, X64 architecture (Intel processors or Apple M1), 4 GB RAM and memory, and 6 GB free storage. Graphics API should be Metal-capable for Intel and AMD GPUs.

Ensure your device meets these specifications to avoid UI issues and other bugs.

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Table of contents