Regarding changes to the staking (XETA & Land) reward lottery system

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Background of this change

Until now, only those in the top 10% of their staking amount could win large rewards.
Therefore, there was an opinion that if the staking amount was small, there was no chance of winning a large reward, so there was less fun during the lottery, so the DAO voted to change the staking lottery method.
This time, we have changed the lottery method based on the decisions made in the DAO vote.
※The new lottery system will be applied starting with the Cycle 30.

Changes and details of the new lottery method

Change points

1. Zone decommissioning
There were conventional Top 10%, 30%, 50%, 80%, and Less than 80% zones, each with a maximum number of wins and rewards that could be won.
From now on, we will abolish zones and conduct a fair lottery for all tickets. (The probability of winning is the same for all tickets. Even if you only have one ticket, you still have a chance to win top prizes such as Land and Genesis.)

2. Change in the upper limit on the number of winning tickets
Previously, the upper limit on the number of winning tickets was set between 5 and 1 depending on the zone, but from now on, the upper limit on the number of winning tickets will be set to 5 for all wallets.

New lottery method (explained with example)

A random lottery will be held for all tickets starting with the top prizes.
Wallets with 5 winning numbers will be excluded from subsequent drawings.

■Wallet and number of tickets
Wallet A: Owns ticket numbers 1 to 100 (100 tickets)
Wallet B: Owns ticket numbers 101 to 150 (50 tickets)
Wallet C: Owns ticket numbers 151 to 160 (10 tickets)
Wallet D: Owns ticket numbers 161-161 (1 ticket)

①Genesis ×2
②Genesis Voice Plugin ×5
③NFTDUEL card single x 10 pieces
④XENY ×100

[Flow of lottery]
① First, draw the Genesis lottery for the top prize.
– Generate a random number from 1 to 161 (for example, let’s say you get 102).
– In this case, Wallet B will receive one treasure chest (Genesis).
・Ticket number 102 will be discarded.
・Once a wallet has won 5 treasure chests, all ticket numbers held by that wallet will be destroyed (they will not be eligible for subsequent prize draws).
・Repeat this as many times as there are prizes.

②Next, draw the lottery for Genesis Voice Plug-in.
Performs the same processing as Genesis

From then on, repeat the process for prizes ③ and ④ in order.

Regarding changes to display content on staking sites

From Cycle 31, the following changes will be made to the description of staking sites.

  • With the abolition of Zone, the percentage of your wallet in the top will no longer be displayed.
  • Instead, the number of winners for each prize will be displayed.
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Table of contents