Weekly Development Update | 1 July – 7 July

Weekly Development Update
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Building on Greatness: XANA’s Ongoing Advancements

XANA NFT: Enhancements and Fixes

  • DB Inconsistencies Resolved: ERC 1155 NFT inconsistencies have been completely resolved.
  • Bug Fixes: Addressed cache issues and other minor bugs for improved user experience.

Game – NFTDUEL: Exciting New Features

  • Timer Adjustments: The in-game timer now pauses during attack sequences, allowing players to immerse fully in the gameplay.
  • Stat Icon Visibility: Easily understand card capabilities with the new stat icon.
  • Game Optimization: Enjoy seamless gameplay and attack sequences.
  • Sound Standardization: Default sound settings at 50% for BGM, gameplay sounds, and voice, adjustable manually.
  • League Implementation:
    • League Change: Players must complete their current league before switching.
    • Own Cards Requirement: Participation in leagues is now exclusive to NFT card owners.
    • Default LP Setting: New and existing players start with an LP of 200 in new leagues.

NFT Projects: Continuous Improvements

  • CryptoNinja Update: Full unlocking of CryptoNinja cards’ abilities for enhanced gameplay.

XANA: Genesis: Personalized Features Underway

  • Genesis Personalities: Custom personality feature in design phase for a tailored experience.
  • Training with CSV: Simplified AI training with CSV file uploads.
  • Voice Cloning: Clone any voice for personalized conversations in XANA: Genesis.

XANA LAND: User Experience Enhancements

  • UX Improvements: Significant UI and UX upgrades for a visually pleasing experience.

XANA App: Central to the XANA Experience

  • Lobby Development: Integrating immersive features including portals in the lobby.
  • New Animations: Adding fresh animations for the upcoming XANA Festival.
  • Builder Components Integration: Merging new XANA Builder components for creative and playful environments.

Desktop App: Feature-Rich Upgrades

  • Expanded Functionality: Incorporating new features to make the desktop app comprehensive.

XANA Web: Accessibility and Notifications

  • Push Notifications: Timely event notifications to keep users informed.

XANA Builder: Create Your Own World

  • Polycount Indicator: Clear poly-count indicators to determine World loading speeds.
  • Upload Function: Streamlined media upload process for Worlds supporting images and videos.

Artificial Intelligence: Cutting-Edge Developments

  • Text to Builder: Progressing towards text input translating to 3D elements.
  • XANA University Curriculum: AI team developing accessible curriculum for technical knowledge.
  • 2D to 3D Conversion: Transform 2D drawings into 3D objects with AI.

Staking: Cycle 17 Rewards

  • Cycle 17 Completion: Rewards for Staking Cycle 17 have been released, celebrating the achievers.

Conclusion: XANA’s Unwavering Progress

The XANA team continues to break new ground, tackling challenges to deliver remarkable progress in their ecosystem. Their commitment to advancing technology and creating an inclusive digital world is unwavering. Stay tuned for more updates next week!

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