XANA Weekly Tech Update: Innovating the Future!

Weekly Development Update

XANA Community – Here’s What’s New This Week!

Hello, XANA Enthusiasts! Ever curious about the latest advancements in our technological sphere? We’re beyond just imagining the future; we’re in the thick of crafting it with exciting updates and innovations that promise to transform your experience with XANA.

Our focus? Groundbreaking Web 3.0 enhancements and efficient bug fixes, all designed to elevate your interaction with XANA to unprecedented levels.

Dive in with us as we explore the newest updates in the XANA universe!

Table of contents

1. XANA App Developments: Enhancing User Experience

  • Introducing AI NPC Conversational Pop-Ups for a more interactive experience.
  • Upgrading XANA Builder to XANA Sync – Version 2, for improved functionality.
  • Streamlining the process of joining new worlds.
  • Optimizing Undo/Redo buttons for quicker, more responsive actions.

2. XANA Browser: Seamless Integration and Compatibility

  • Ensuring smooth compatibility between XANA Builder’s gaming components and the XANA Browser.
  • Streamlining asset synchronization in user-created worlds with WebGL for a flawless integration.

3. Enhancements in XANA Builder: Refined Functionalities

  • Upgrading the Snap Feature’s copy functionality within XANA Builder.
  • Resolving asset blinking issues for a smoother building experience.
  • Addressing the challenge of applying multiple components to a single asset.

4. XANA Web: Introducing New Developments

  • Revitalizing the Staking Chart for better clarity and performance.
  • Announcing Staking Alert: [Cycle 26] XETA/LAND Staking now available.

5. XANA NFT Interface: Aiming for Excellence

  • Refining the XANA NFT user interface to enhance the overall experience.

6. NFTDUEL: Focused on Flawless Gameplay

  • Addressing casual mode match issues in the mainnet build.
  • Correcting abilities malfunction for a more reliable gameplay.
  • Enhancing UI and UX for a smoother, more enjoyable experience.

7. Rooster Fighterz: Fixing and Refining

  • Resolving runtime name change issues in Rooster Fighterz.
  • Repairing and improving the UI of the Rooster Registration Modal.

8. AI Developments: Advancing Voice Cloning

  • Tackling challenges in uploading voice for more accurate voice cloning.

Wrapping Up This Week’s Tech Journey!

With every update, bug fix, and new feature, Team XANA is inching closer to an extraordinary future. We’re a treasure trove of innovations, eagerly awaiting to unveil marvels at every opportunity.

Stay tuned for more updates, and remain connected to witness the most exciting phases of our journey unfold. The best is yet to come, and we’re thrilled to have you with us every step of the way!

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Table of contents