XANA’s Tech Evolution: Weekly Update | November 4 – 10, 2023

Weekly Development Update

Embracing the Future with XANA!

Hello, XANA Family! Ever wondered about the magic happening behind the scenes? We’re not just dreaming about the future; we’re actively molding it with revolutionary updates set to redefine your experience.

Dive into a world of innovative Web 3.0 features and streamlined bug fixes, all crafted to make your journey with XANA truly extraordinary.

Let’s jump into this week’s thrilling developments!

Table of contents

1. XANA App: New Heights in Metaverse Mobile Experience

  • Latest Release:

  • XANA Metaverse Mobile App Ver 23.11.07 is now available with exciting features!
    • New user onboarding UI for a welcoming start.
    • A revamped XANA lobby design for a fresh look.
    • Enhanced performance with over 20 issues addressed, including bug fixes and UI improvements.
    • Find out more here
  • Ongoing Enhancements:

    • Refining the splash screen by resolving logo overlaps.
    • Fixing NPC count display issues in the XANA Lobby.
    • Elevating the user interface for a superior user experience.

2. XANA Browser: Advancing Seamless Integration

  • Current Focus:
    • Implementing Bold Text Feature for Japanese Characters.
    • Synchronizing user-created world assets with WebGL for flawless integration.

3. XANA Builder: Building a More Engaging World

  • Latest Release:

  • XANA Builder Ver 23.11.08 is now live with new features!
    • Ability to set background music in the created world.
    • Addition of approximately 200 new assets for diverse world creation.
    • Rectification of around 30 minor bugs, including DAO report enhancements.
    • Explore more here
  • Continued Progress:

    • Addressing audio playback issues in the edit screen.
    • Improving toggle button functionality on the settings screen.
    • Resolving thumbnail display issues for assets.

4. XANA Web: Enhancing Web Experience

  • In Development:

    • Creating custom widgets for advanced website functionality.
    • Enabling SNS login for non-crypto users via Twitter, Facebook, and LINE for easy access.

5. XANA NFT: Optimizing the NFT Experience

  • Focus Area:

    • Addressing the bridge function issues on NFTDUEL cards.

6. NFTDUEL: Ensuring Smooth Gameplay

  • Active Fixes:

    • Solving fuel detection problems in Platinum League 2.
    • Resolving compatibility issues of Crypto Ninja Water 5 Card with Earth Cards.
    • Correcting ability functionality issues with Crypto Ninja Fire 4 Cards.

7. Rooster Fighterz: Revamping for Better Gaming

  • Work in Progress:

    • Addressing dark mode UI issues during races.
    • Fixing user-reported bugs.
    • Overhauling the UI of Rooster Fighterz for an enhanced gaming experience.

8. AI Development: Perfecting Voice Integration

  • Ongoing AI Enhancements:

    • Finalizing the integration of selected English voice options.
    • Conducting unit testing for AI modules and survival tasks.

Closing Thoughts: Journey to a Futuristic World with XANA

That’s all for this week, XANA aficionados! Think of us as an island teeming with hidden wonders, ready to be revealed.

Every update, every bug fix, and every new feature is a stride towards an awe-inspiring future.

Stay tuned for more updates and keep shining bright. The most exhilarating parts of our journey are just on the horizon!

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Table of contents