XANA Weekly Development Update: Pioneering the Future of Web 3 | 12 Aug – 18 Aug

Weekly Development Update

Welcome to XANA’s Weekly Development Update, where we’re excited to share the remarkable advancements our team has made in the realm of Web 3. Our teams have been diligently working on various projects, solidifying XANA’s position as a leader in this innovative space.

Table of contents

1. XANA App: Elevating the Metaverse Experience

XANA Metaverse Mobile App Version 23.08.11 is Now Live!

  • New Features: Introduction of a tutorial for new users and a splash video to engage newcomers.
  • Bug Fixes: Addressed approximately 25 bugs, enhancing the overall user experience.

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Work In Progress

  • Enhancing user experience through seamless synchronization with XANA BUILDER’s game components.
  • Integration of the MetaMask wallet into the XANA app is underway.

2. XANA Browser: Revolutionizing Metaverse Access

Innovative Metaverse Experience via Web Browser

  • Access the Metaverse directly through a web browser without any app downloads.
  • Connect effortlessly to XANA Fest’s excitement.
  • Widgetization features are being developed for corporate expansion and solutions.

Discover more about XANA Browser Development.

Work In Progress

  • Resolving avatar spawn issues in NFT exhibitions and limitations within the environment.
  • Addressing localization issues in password reset features.

3. XANA Builder: Enhancing Creation Tools

XANA Builder Ver 23.08.17 is Now Live!

  • Test Version of Poly Count: Experimental feature introduced.
  • Optimization: Around 2000 objects optimized.
  • Bug Fixes: Resolved approximately 30 minor issues.

Explore XANA Builder’s Latest Features.

Work In Progress
  • Optimizing the Poly Count feature for more detailed creation.
  • Developing auto-unpublishing feature for non-NFT trial worlds based on visitor count.

4. XANA Web: Introducing Event Features

New Event Feature (α-version) Launched

  • Host unique Metaverse events.
  • Overcome language barriers for global interactions.
  • Shape the future of corporate promotion in the XANA ecosystem.

Learn about XANA Web’s New Developments.

New Developments

  • UI/UX fixes for enhanced event experiences.
  • Developed and implemented a claim-at-once feature for staking rewards.
  • Updated wallet connect code for Genesis name changes.

5. XANA NFT: Streamlining User Integration

New Developments

  • Deployment of Discord integration for role assignment.
  • Developed new UI for the minting site.
  • Resolved issues identified through SQA testing for a refined NFT experience.

6. NFTDUEL: Advancing Gameplay Experience

Work In Progress

  • Implementing a system to manage battle fuel.
  • Introducing support cards to enrich gameplay.

7. Rooster Fighterz: Enhancing User Interface

New Development

  • Revamped the Rooster UI for a more engaging experience.

Work In Progress

  • Integrating a dark mode toggle feature.
  • Implementing a lock feature for enhanced security.

8. AI: Pushing the Boundaries of Technology

Work In Progress

  • Transforming images into 3D environments.
  • Finalizing text-to-3D environment creation.
  • Personalizing XANA: Genesis for tailored user interactions.

Conclusion: Committed to User Satisfaction

At XANA, our focus remains on user happiness and satisfaction. Our diverse projects under the XANA umbrella aim to bring you the best in Web 3 innovation. Stay tuned for more updates and breakthroughs in the coming weeks. Until then, take care and explore the limitless possibilities with XANA!

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Table of contents