Shigeru Shiina (椎名茂), who has served as the CEO of PwC and KPMG Consulting, has assumed an advisory of “XANA: JAPAN.”

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Shigeru Shiina’s New Role in XANA JAPAN

We’re excited to announce that Shigeru Shiina, with his illustrious background as CEO of PwC and KPMG Consulting, has assumed a key advisory role at XANA JAPAN. His appointment marks a significant stride in XANA’s mission to expand business and awareness within Japan.

Background and Experience of Shigeru Shiina

Shigeru Shiina, a graduate in computer science, initiated his career with AI research and development at NEC Central Research Institute. He then moved into consulting, leading corporate transformations with technology, and ascending to CEO roles at PwC and KPMG Consulting. Currently, he’s managing Web 3.0-related companies and providing advisory services, focusing on integrating Web 3.0 and AI into society.

XANA’s Mission and Shiina’s Contribution

XANA is a leading Web3.0 metaverse platform offering a comprehensive solution for the digital age, including metaverse creation, avatars, game development, digital item trading, and monetization. It has achieved global recognition and aims to be the world’s top Web3.0 metaverse in user and creator count, economic ecosystem, and market value.

Shigeru Shiina brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in AI and Web 3.0 to XANA JAPAN. His strategic support is expected to significantly bolster XANA’s business development in Japan, propelling its growth and influence.

Shigeru Shiina’s Vision and Statement

Shiina envisions a future where the metaverse blurs the lines between physical and digital realms, transforming how we interact and live. He foresees the metaverse as a platform enabling individuals to be creators and owners in a democratized digital economy. Shiina’s alignment with XANA’s vision of a world free from “loneliness, boredom, and anxiety” in the 21st century is a key motivator for his advisory role. He commits to using XANA to address societal issues and work towards world peace.

Profile of Mr. Shiina:

Shigeru Shiina’s Professional Journey

Shiina’s journey began with AI research at NEC, leading to numerous publications and patents. Transitioning to consulting to apply AI in society, he became CEO of PwC and KPMG Consulting. Fascinated by blockchain and Web 3.0, Shiina founded multiple Web 3.0 companies, engaging in various projects, including generative AI and NLP. As of June 1, 2023, Shiina is a strategic advisor at BACKSTAGE Corporation.


Shigeru Shiina’s role as an advisor at XANA JAPAN is a monumental step in furthering the integration of Web 3.0 technologies into society. We eagerly anticipate the innovative developments and societal contributions that will emerge from this collaboration. Stay tuned for more updates and advancements from XANA JAPAN.

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