Weekly Development Update | 13 April – 19 April

Weekly Development Update

This week, we’re excited to share the latest development updates across the XANA ecosystem, highlighting targeted enhancements and functionality improvements designed to refine the user experience and platform stability. Below is a detailed account of the progress made on our main platforms:

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Key Highlights:

  • Web3 Auto-Login Implementation: Successfully integrated auto-login using Web3 technology, enabling seamless transitions between different XANA modules without the need for multiple log-ins.
  • Online Friend Indicator: Added functionality to view friends’ online status within the app, enhancing social interaction.
  • Animation Upgrade to 60 FPS: Upgraded primary character animations to 60 frames per second for smoother motion and improved visual appeal.
  • Gender-Specific Character Animations: Developed separate animation rigs for male and female characters to offer more accurate and personalized experiences.
  • Enhanced Analytical Tools: Improved Firebase analytics integration for more detailed user behavior and app performance insights.
  • Optimized Network Requests: Increased responsiveness and data processing speeds by switching from traditional API calls to WebSocket technology.
  • Augmented Reality Sharing Enhancements: Enhanced AR video and image sharing features, enriching the platform’s user-generated content capabilities.

XANA Browser

Key Highlights:

  • Interactive Character Development: Continued to develop dynamic character features to deepen user engagement and enrich the interactive experience.
  • Loading Time Reductions: Implemented optimizations to decrease loading times, improving overall speed and responsiveness.
  • Bug Fixes and User Feedback Implementations: Actively addressed minor bugs and integrated user feedback to enhance browser stability and performance.

XANA Builder

Key Highlights:

  • Focused Bug Fixes: Identified and corrected platform defects to improve stability and reliability.
  • Expansion of Components and Game Features: Began integrating new components and phased implementation of additional features to enhance interactivity and functionality.


Key Highlights:

  • Enhancements to Payment Integration: Continued to improve the payment API, tailoring interactions to streamline processes and enhance security.
  • User Interface Enhancements: Made significant improvements in the user interface, deploying key components designed to enrich user interaction and visual appeal.
  • Development of LAND 2.0 UI: Advanced the LAND 2.0 UI development, enhancing user engagement through improved navigation and aesthetic upgrades.
  • Targeted Performance Improvements: Concentrated on optimizing load times and responsiveness to benefit user interaction.
  • Stability and Efficiency Enhancements: Applied hotfixes based on user feedback and internal quality assurance findings to stabilize performance and reduce downtime.


Key Highlights:

  • Item Page Enhancements: Improved the responsiveness of item pages to ensure smooth interactions across devices.
  • DAO MVP and Airdrops: Enhanced DAO MVP with improved airdrop functionalities, providing clearer information about NFT holdings.
  • NFTDUEL Cryptoninja Sales Integration: Implemented sales card coupons for the NFTDUEL Cryptoninja series, facilitating easier and more accessible purchases.
  • Wallet Connectivity Enhancements: Improved wallet connectivity features to support secure and efficient transactions.
  • Updated Item Page 2.0: Launched a more intuitive layout for Item Page 2.0, making interactions with NFTs more informative.
  • Hotfix Implementations: Applied critical hotfixes to resolve technical issues swiftly, ensuring consistent platform performance.


Key Highlights:

  • Artificial Intelligence in Trial League: Introduced AI to simulate realistic opponent strategies in the Trial League, enhancing the competitive environment.
  • Revised Deck Configuration Rules: Adjusted rules for deck configurations to ensure a fair and balanced setup, currently under testing for immediate feedback.
  • Interface and Usability Enhancements: Improved the game’s interface with a new font for better readability and visual aesthetics, along with comprehensive bug fixes to enhance game stability.
  • Version Management Enhancements: Strengthened version control measures to ensure uniformity across mobile and desktop versions.


These updates reflect our ongoing commitment to improving the XANA platforms. Please note that some of the enhancements and functionalities listed are currently in development and may be subject to further modifications to ensure they meet our standards of quality and performance. We are dedicated to providing a compelling, stable, and engaging environment for our community.

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