XANA’s Weekly Development Update: June 17 – 23, 2023

Weekly Development Update

XANA continues to push boundaries in its development journey, striving to exceed expectations and deliver remarkable updates each week. Let’s delve into the progress of various projects in the last week.

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XANA NFT Marketplace Updates

Implemented Features

  • NFT Sales Display Issue: Resolved ERC 1155 display issues for on-sale NFTs.
  • Transaction History: Fixed issues with NFT transaction history on ERC 1155.

In Progress

  • Continued Investigation: Addressing transaction reflection issues in some wallets and incorrect data on ERC 721.
  • Mobile Connectivity: Improving connection solutions for iOS users.

Game – NFTDUEL Enhancements

In Progress

  • Duel with FUEL: Implementing FUEL consumption and acquisition in final test leagues.
  • Attack Sequence: Optimized attack sequences, including abilities, to not consume user’s time.
  • Stat Icon: Introduced status icons to identify card conditions.
  • League Implementation: Enhancing leagues with exciting prizes and leaderboards.
  • On-Chain League Features: Necessary NFT card ownership for intense duels and automated season transitions.
  • Game Optimization: Enhancing gameplay for smoother experiences.
  • Default Volume Adjustment: Setting the default volume at 50% to minimize distractions.

NFT Projects

XANA: Genesis Development

  • Voice & Emotion Integration: Enhancing voice and emotion plugins for more natural interactions.
  • CryptoNinja Cards: Integrating CryptoNinja cards seamlessly into the NFTDUEL game.

XANA App Enhancements

Implemented Features

  • Color Matching: Unified avatar appearance between preview images and 3D avatars.
  • New Pop-Up Notification: Alerting users about unavailable NFT utilities.
  • Bug Fixes: Continual improvements for a flawless user experience.
  • Desktop Version: Enhancing the desktop version for better display and fun.

XANA Builder Improvements

In Progress

  • Polygon Count Feature: Ensuring world compatibility with various devices.
  • Upload Media Functionality: Enabling video and image uploads for immersive Metaverse experiences.
  • Blind Function Addition: Introducing a suspenseful element in games.

Artificial Intelligence Advancements

Implemented Innovations

  • XANA GPT Widget: Showcasing AI chatbot capabilities on the official website.
  • Twitch Language Expansion: Added Korean and Chinese languages to Twitch streams.
  • Genesis Voice Options: Expanded voice selection for XANA: Genesis.

In Progress

  • AI x XANA Builder Collaboration: Creating AI-generated assets for user worlds.
  • 2D Images to 3D Objects: Transforming 2D images into 3D objects for XANA Builder.
  • Motion Capture: Facilitating smooth data translation onto 3D avatars.


XANA remains committed to its community, focusing on user satisfaction across various projects. This week has been filled with updates and developments.

Stay tuned for more updates and enhanced experiences next week.

Take care until then!

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Table of contents