Sherbet Takes the XANA Fest by Storm with Metaverse Debut

Sherbet, an electrifying group featuring renowned influencers Rina Hashimoto, Hikaru Aoyama, and Yukiko Kawaji, is now making waves in the XANA Metaverse with their dynamic performance style.

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Sherbet’s Diverse Talents

Performance Style

  • Unique Blend: Combining MC, VJ, DJ play, singing, and dancing, Sherbet offers a versatile entertainment experience.
  • Growing Popularity: Gaining international attention, especially in Asia, with rapidly increasing YouTube subscribers.
  • Multi-Talented: Transcending traditional idol boundaries and diversifying their presence across various entertainment sectors.

Entering the XANA Metaverse

New Entertainment Wave

  • Metaverse Presence: Sherbet brings their unique talent and charm to the XANA Metaverse.
  • Fan Engagement: Expected to attract numerous fans to XANA, shaping a new era in Web 3.0 entertainment.

Connect with Sherbet

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Sherbet’s entry into the XANA Metaverse marks a significant milestone, promising to revolutionize the digital entertainment landscape and engage fans in unprecedented ways.

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Table of contents