Weekly Development Update | 20 January – 26 January

Weekly Development Update

Racing against time.

Opportunities don’t spring out of the blue. You have to create them. And the team at XANA understands that perfectly.

Each deliberate step is in service of a larger dream – the dream to bring the latest Web 3 solutions to billions of people around the globe. Each week, we push ourselves to churn out new features, fix bugs, and deliver a wholly better experience through our products.

Here’s what’s been happening behind the doors.

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Key Highlights:

  1. Home 2.0 – Avatar Interaction Enhancement: We’ve observed a minor glitch where avatars’ shoes collide with the ground on the home screen. Our team has prioritized this issue and is working on adjustments to ensure smoother and more realistic avatar movements, enhancing the overall aesthetic and functionality of the Home 2.0 environment.
  2. Wallet Functionality on Home Screen: Several users reported difficulties accessing the wallet function from the home screen. We’ve identified the root cause and are implementing a solution to ensure reliable and efficient wallet access, streamlining transactions and interactions within our platform.
  3. NPC Dynamics in Classroom Lobby: Our team is addressing an issue where NPCs were found to be stationary in the classroom lobby. We’re introducing dynamic elements to NPC behaviour, ensuring they move and interact in a more lifelike manner, thus improving the realism and engagement within the educational spaces of our Metaverse.
  4. Audio Improvements – Grass Terrain: Feedback regarding the sound quality while walking on grassy terrains has been taken into serious consideration. We are fine-tuning the audio effects to deliver a more immersive and natural experience as users navigate through different environments in the XANA universe.
  5. NFT Display Stability in Zone-X Lobby: We’ve tackled the intermittent blinking issue of NFTs displayed in the Zone-X lobby. Our team is committed to providing a stable and visually pleasing display of NFT assets, ensuring users can view and interact with them without any disruptions.
  6. “Green Screen Studio” Integration: Our team is thrilled to announce the upcoming integration of the “Green Screen Studio” feature in XANA. This cutting-edge tool will allow users to create custom backgrounds and immersive environments for their avatars. Whether it’s for virtual meetings, content creation, or personal expression, the Green Screen Studio promises to open up a world of creative possibilities within the Metaverse.
  7. Syncing Game Components in Multiplayer Mode: In response to user feedback, we are focusing on improving the synchronization of game components in multiplayer mode. This update aims to enhance real-time interaction and cooperation, ensuring a seamless and synchronized gaming experience. Whether it’s for competitive play or social interaction, this improvement will significantly enrich the multiplayer functionality of our games.

XANA Browser

Key Highlights:

  1. Collider Issue in XANA Lobby: We have identified a collider issue in the XANA Lobby, where users experienced unexpected interactions with the virtual environment. Our developers are implementing a fix to ensure that navigation and interaction within the Lobby are smooth and intuitive, enhancing the overall user experience in this central hub of our Metaverse.
  2. Improvement in Post Loading Speed: Acknowledging feedback regarding the slow loading of posts, we have prioritized optimizing our content delivery systems. Our aim is to significantly reduce loading times, ensuring that users can access and engage with content promptly and efficiently. This enhancement is crucial for maintaining an engaging and responsive platform.
  3. Avatar’s Feet Alignment in Zone-X Room: We’ve noticed an issue with the avatar’s feet alignment in the Zone-X room, affecting the realism and immersion of our virtual environment. Our team is working diligently to correct this, ensuring that avatars interact with the virtual ground correctly, thereby enhancing the authenticity of the user experience in the Zone-X room.
  4. Chat Type Message Panel Display in XANA Lobby: Some users have reported display issues with the chat-type message panel in the XANA Lobby. We are currently refining this feature to ensure that the chat interface is seamless and user-friendly. This update will facilitate easier and more effective communication among users in the XANA Lobby.
  5. Multiplayer Gamification Components and New Assets: Our team is excited to be working on expanding the multiplayer gamification elements within the XANA browser. We are introducing new assets and components that will elevate the gaming experience, offering more interactive and dynamic gameplay. These enhancements aim to foster a more engaging and community-centric environment, allowing users to enjoy rich multiplayer interactions within our diverse range of games.
  6. Enhancements in JJ World Post Loading: Recognizing the importance of content accessibility, we are focusing on improving the post-loading speed in JJ World. Our goal is to ensure that users can seamlessly access posts without any delays, enhancing the overall user experience. This update is part of our ongoing commitment to provide a responsive and efficient browsing experience.

XANA Builder

Key Highlights:

  1. Ninja Component – Animation Throw Issue: We have identified an issue with the animation in the Ninja Component, particularly concerning the throw action. Our team is currently troubleshooting this to ensure smooth and responsive animations, enhancing the overall user experience in the Ninja Component.
  2. Minted World Duplication Issue: A critical issue has been detected regarding the duplication of minted worlds. We are prioritizing this matter to prevent any unintended copies of worlds, ensuring the uniqueness and integrity of each user-created world.
  3. Game Stuck Issue on Second Login: Some users have experienced a freezing issue when logging into their accounts for the second time. Our developers are actively working to resolve this, aiming to ensure a seamless and stable experience for users across multiple logins.
  4. Character Image Issue on Login: There have been reports of inconsistencies with character images during the login process. Our team is focused on rectifying this issue to guarantee that character representations are accurate and reliable every time a user logs in.
  5. Asset Color Changing Issue: An issue has been noted with the color changing functionality on certain assets. We are working on a solution to ensure that color customization options function correctly and consistently, allowing users to fully personalize their assets as intended.


Key Highlights:

  1. User Profile Opening Issue: We have identified a problem where users are experiencing difficulties when attempting to open their profiles. This issue is being given top priority, as the ease of accessing and managing one’s profile is fundamental to the user experience on XANA Web. Our team is deploying a solution that will ensure smooth and reliable access to user profiles.
  2. Suggested Links Issue After Removing Search: A recent update has led to an issue with suggested links not appearing correctly after a search is removed. We understand the importance of this feature in enhancing user navigation and discovery on our platform. Our developers are working diligently to restore this functionality, ensuring that users can effortlessly find relevant and interesting content.
  3. Space Feed Section Image Sizing: Feedback from our users has highlighted an issue in the Space Feed section where images are appearing squeezed or distorted. We are currently implementing adjustments to ensure that images are displayed in their correct aspect ratio, providing a visually appealing and accurate representation of the content.
  4. B2B Landing Page (LP) Integration
    • Our team is focused on developing and integrating a dedicated B2B Landing Page. This feature is designed to streamline the interaction between XANA and our business clients, providing them with a tailored entry point into our services.
    • The B2B LP will offer comprehensive information about our offerings, tailored solutions, and unique value propositions that align with the specific needs and goals of business clients.
    • The integration of this landing page is a significant step towards enhancing our B2B engagement and will serve as a cornerstone for future business collaborations and partnerships.
  5. User Analytic Data & Feed Enhancement
    • Recognizing the importance of data-driven decision-making, we are working on enhancing the user analytic data available on the XANA Web platform. This development aims to provide deeper insights into user behavior, preferences, and interaction patterns.
    • The improved analytic tools will enable us to tailor the user feed more effectively, ensuring that content and interactions are more relevant and engaging to each individual user.
    • These enhancements are not only expected to improve the user experience but also provide valuable feedback for our continuous platform development.


Key Highlights:

  1. Hotfixes and Improvements: We’ve been diligently working on essential hotfixes to enhance the overall performance and user experience. These fixes are crucial for maintaining the smooth operation of our platform.
  2. Corporate Collection T-Shirt Minting: One of our highlights in this week is the preparation for the minting sale of our exclusive Corporate Collection T-Shirts. This unique offering is a testament to our commitment to bringing innovative and exciting NFT products to our community.

Next Week Focus

  1. Continued Focus on Hotfixes: We will be addressing additional hotfixes reported by SP, ensuring that any issues are swiftly and efficiently resolved.
  2. Payment Integration & Credit Card Implementation: A major focus will be the integration of GMO payment solutions and credit card facilities. This enhancement is aimed at simplifying transactions and making the purchase process more accessible and convenient for our users.
  3. XANAChain Enhancements: We will introduce new features to XANAChain, including a thumbnail display for line maps and claim implementation for staking rewards. These updates are designed to enrich the staking experience and provide more detailed visual cues within the platform.
  4. Completion of Corporate Action T-Shirt & SNS Updates: The Corporate Action T-Shirt minting will be finalized in the upcoming sprint. Additionally, we will be updating our social networking services (SNS) to keep you informed about the latest on XANAChain and our NFT initiatives.


Key Highlights:

  1. FUEL Adjustment Accuracy:
    • Issue: We’ve identified a glitch where the FUEL points sometimes do not correctly increase or decrease after a duel.
    • Status: Our team is actively working on this issue. We are diving deep into the game mechanics to ensure that FUEL adjustments accurately reflect your performance in each duel.
  2. $XETA Value Display:
    • Issue: Some players have reported that $XETA values are not visible on the HOME screen.
    • Status: We understand the importance of having all crucial information readily accessible. Our developers are currently resolving this to ensure that your $XETA balance is prominently displayed for easy management and strategic gameplay.
  3. Card Destruction Mechanic:
    • Issue: There have been instances where cards are not being destroyed as intended by certain abilities.
    • Status: This is a high-priority issue for us. We are refining the card interaction mechanics to guarantee that all abilities function as designed, providing a fair and exciting dueling experience.

Rooster Fighterz

Key Highlights:

  1. Server Migration Success: We’ve successfully migrated Rooster Fighters to a new production server. This move aims to enhance performance and ensure a smoother experience for all users.

Current Focus:

  1. Race Video Smoothness: We’ve noticed some challenges with the smoothness of the race videos. Our JP team identified this issue, and we understand that it’s crucial for players to have a clear view of the races, especially when placing their bets. Rest assured, addressing this is our top priority.
  2. User Interface Improvements: To further improve your experience, we’ve implemented a new feature that helps track your chosen rooster during the race. This enhancement aims to resolve any uncertainties during the high-paced action of the races.
  3. Language Support: We’re expanding our horizons! Our team is working hard to introduce Japanese language support for naming roosters. This update is particularly exciting for our Japanese players, ensuring a more inclusive and accessible gaming environment.

Upcoming Developments:

  1. Feature Enhancement: We’re set to revamp the logic behind race creation and results. This change is expected to elevate the gameplay experience, making each race more thrilling and engaging.


XANA is by no means a single product. It’s an amalgamation of various ideas that need individual attention. Or they risk running adrift.

With that said, we’re always happy to share progress on each product under the XANA umbrella. We’re doing our best to keep things together and progress toward a better future for all of us.

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