Weekly Development Update|27 January – 2 February

Weekly Development Update

Week of Remarkable Achievements

As the team continues to shine, they’ve managed to outdo themselves once again. The XANA Development team has made some big leaps forward this week, boosting XANA’s reputation as a leader in the world of Web 3.

Let’s look at the highlights from our different teams over the past week.

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Key Highlights:

  1. Enhanced NFT Experience: We’re aware that the thrill of exploring NFTs in our XANA Lobby has been dampened by delayed opening times. Our team has pinpointed the cause and is currently optimizing our systems to ensure that your journey into the world of NFTs is as seamless as it is exhilarating.
  2. Controller Responsiveness: A smooth and intuitive control mechanism is vital for an immersive metaverse experience. We’ve identified an issue where the controller gets stuck, disrupting your exploration. Rest assured; this is now a top-priority fix on our development roadmap.
  3. NPC Dynamics: The vibrancy of the XANA world owes much to our NPCs, especially in environments like the classroom lobby. We’ve noticed that some NPCs have been less mobile than intended, staying in one place. Our team is on the case, implementing solutions to bring back the dynamic interactions you love.
  4. Store Asset Availability: Your creativity and customization in XANA are fueled by assets from our store. It’s come to our attention that certain assets aren’t functioning as they should. We’re conducting a thorough review to ensure all assets work correctly, enhancing your ability to personalize your experience.
  5. Guest User Navigation: We strive to make XANA accessible and welcoming for everyone, including guest users. The screen redirect issue some of you have encountered is being addressed with the aim of making navigation smooth and intuitive for all visitors.
  6. Background Music Customization (PMY): Recognizing the powerful impact of music on the metaverse experience, we’re excited to announce upcoming enhancements that allow for personalized background music in both lobbies and rooms. Whether navigating the bustling spaces of the XANA Lobby or delving into the unique atmospheres of various rooms, you’ll soon be able to tailor the auditory backdrop to your liking, adding a whole new layer of immersion to your metaverse journey.
  7. Enhanced Post Loading (PMY): We understand that every second counts in the world of XANA. To ensure you spend more time enjoying and less time waiting, our team is optimizing the post-loading process. This update aims to significantly reduce wait times, making your transitions within the metaverse smoother and more enjoyable. Whether exploring new territories, engaging with the community, or showcasing your latest NFT acquisitions, you can look forward to a more fluid XANA experience.

XANA Browser

Key Highlights:

  1. Avatar Merge Issue in NINJA-SUGOROKU World: We’ve noticed that avatars are merging unexpectedly within the NINJA-SUGOROKU world, disrupting the intended gameplay experience. Our team is meticulously working on a solution to ensure avatars maintain their distinct spaces, enhancing player interaction and enjoyment.
  2. Water Terrain Issue in ‘Helptoheyhey’ World: The immersive experience in ‘Helptoheyhey’ World has been slightly dampened by anomalies in the water terrain rendering. Rest assured, our developers are diving deep into the code to bring the serene and fluid beauty of water terrains back to life.
  3. Collider Issue in XANA Lobby: The magic of exploring the XANA Lobby has been hindered by a collider issue, affecting the smooth navigation our users expect. We’re on it, refining our collider parameters to ensure nothing stands in your way as you explore the vast offerings of XANA.
  4. Avatar Falling Issue in World Dark Maze: Adventuring through the Dark Maze should be thrilling, not frustrating. We’ve identified a glitch where avatars unexpectedly fall through the terrain, and our team is dedicated to fortifying the virtual ground beneath your feet for a stable and exciting exploration.
  5. Gesture Interaction with NFTs in XANA Lobby: We strive for a world where your expressions and interactions are as vibrant as the virtual environment around you. To that end, we’re addressing an issue where gestures inadvertently go behind NFTs, ensuring your digital expressions are as visible and impactful as intended.

XANA Builder

Key Highlights:

  1. Solving the Automatic Logout Puzzle: A few of you have experienced the unexpected adventure of being automatically logged out of the game. We’re delving into this mystery to ensure that your creative flow remains uninterrupted, safeguarding your immersive experience in XANA Builder.
  2. Smoothing Over Login Screen Hurdles: For those encountering a pause in their journey at the login screen, particularly after an unsuccessful login attempt, we’re implementing fixes to keep your access as smooth as your creativity. No more unnecessary stops on your way to creation.
  3. Ensuring Asset Visibility: The vanishing act performed by some assets was never intended to be part of the XANA Builder experience. Our team is working on a spell to ensure that once you choose an asset, it stays visible and at your creative disposal, just as you intended.
  4. Accelerating World Publishing: We’ve noticed that the magical worlds you’ve listed for publication aren’t appearing as swiftly as they should. Our wizards behind the scenes are enhancing the speed at which your creations become visible to the community, ensuring your efforts are showcased without delay.
  5. Keeping Word Counts Consistent: A curious case of changing word counts upon selecting NFTs has come to our attention. We’re fine-tuning the script to keep the narrative consistent, ensuring that your story remains as you wrote it, without any unexpected edits.


Key Highlights:

  1. B2B LP Integration and Crawl Functionality: We’re fine-tuning the B2B LP integration and crawl functionalities, with a few adjustments pending from our front-end team.
  2. Staking Cycle 31: Our latest staking cycle, 31, is up and running.
  3. User Create Space Page: The API and UI for creating user spaces are all set. We’re in the final stages of integration, with some SQA fixes scheduled for completion next week.

Looking Ahead

  1. Create Space Page: Finalizing this feature for a more immersive user experience.
  2. Color Consistency: Ensuring a uniform color scheme across user interfaces for a cohesive look and feel.
  3. Backend Enhancements: Tackling backend issues to streamline operations.
  4. Hotfixes and Universal Search: Addressing reported issues and rolling out a universal search feature for easier content discovery.
  5. Responsive Design and One-on-One Chat: We’re enhancing mobile responsiveness and introducing a one-on-one chat function, making your interactions more personal and seamless.


Key Highlights:

  1. GMO Payment Integration: We’ve successfully implemented credit card processing on both the front end and back end, marking a significant step forward in our payment infrastructure. However, we’re fine-tuning the 3D Secure verification process, with completion on the horizon as we await third-party resolutions.
  2. Thumbnail Customization: In response to community feedback, we’ve enabled the XANA team to change NFT thumbnails, enhancing the presentation of our digital assets. This feature is now live and operational on our production minting site.
  3. SQA and JP Feedback Implementation: We’ve addressed the feedback from our Software Quality Assurance (SQA) team.
  4. Staking Reward Claims: The implementation for claiming staking rewards has been finalized for our collections, XANA Breaking and XANA PENPENZ.

Looking Ahead

  1. Enhancing Security with 3D Secure: Our next sprint will focus on perfecting the 3D Secure credit card implementation, ensuring your transactions are not only smooth but also secure.
  2. Corporate Collection Updates: We’re responding to new requirements and feedback from our JP regarding the corporate collection. These enhancements are slated for the upcoming sprint, promising to elevate the collection’s appeal and functionality.
  3. Expanded Staking Rewards: Look out for the implementation of staking rewards across new collections, broadening the opportunities for our community members to earn rewards through their participation in XANA.


Key Highlights:

  1. Mastering the LP Mystery: We’ve identified an issue where players experienced unexpected changes in their League Points (LP) due to winning streaks. Our team is on a quest to refine the LP algorithm, ensuring that your victories and progress reflect your skill and dedication accurately.
  2. Aesthetic Evolution: The NFTDUEL arena is getting a visual overhaul! We’re revamping the UI of the Avatar Selection Screen, Name Screen, and various Pop-Ups. Our goal? To immerse you in a more engaging, intuitive, and visually stunning selection experience, making every decision and victory much more rewarding.
  3. Battle HP Anomalies: Some duelists reported starting battles with 800 HP, irrespective of their league, and found themselves unexpectedly promoted to the Platinum 3 league post-battle. This thrilling yet unintended adventure is under investigation as we aim to recalibrate the league and HP settings to ensure fairness and consistency in every duel.
  4. UI improvements: We are ****revamping the UI for the Avatar Selection Screen, Name Screen, and Pop-Ups, promising a more immersive and visually engaging experience.

Rooster Fighterz

Key Highlights:

  1. Server Migration Success: We’ve successfully migrated Rooster Fighters to a new production server. This move aims to enhance performance and ensure a smoother experience for all users.

Current Focus:

  1. Race Video Smoothness: We’ve noticed some challenges with the smoothness of the race videos. Our JP team identified this issue, and we understand that players must have a clear view of the races, especially when placing their bets. Rest assured, addressing this is our top priority.
  2. User Interface Improvements: To further improve your experience, we’ve implemented a new feature that helps track your chosen rooster during the race. This enhancement aims to resolve any uncertainties during the high-paced action of the races.
  3. Language Support: We’re expanding our horizons. Our team is working hard to introduce Japanese language support for naming roosters. This update is fascinating for our Japanese players, ensuring a more inclusive and accessible gaming environment.

 Upcoming Developments:

  1. Feature Enhancement: We’re set to revamp the logic behind race creation and results. This change is expected to elevate the gameplay experience, making each race more thrilling and engaging.


Here at XANA, it’s all about making our users happy. User satisfaction is what keeps us going strong. Our projects may vary, but they all come together under the XANA umbrella.

This week was packed with updates and exciting discussions.

Keep an eye out for next week’s dose of new stuff and improved experiences.

Until then, stay well and take care.

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