Weekly Development Update | 6 April – 12 April

Weekly Development Update

This week’s improvements across the XANA ecosystem highlight our ongoing efforts to elevate user interactions, improve platform operations, and introduce innovative functionalities. Below, you will find a comprehensive breakdown of our recent progress:

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Key Highlights:

  • Store-Specific Enhancements: This week, the focus for the XANA App was solely on enhancing the store functionalities. Efforts were directed towards refining the user interface within the store to provide a smoother and more intuitive experience.

XANA Browser

Key Highlights:

  • Character Development: We’ve advanced the development of new character features aimed at enriching user interactions within the browser. This initiative is focused on providing more dynamic and engaging content.
  • Speed Optimization: Specific improvements have been made to increase the browser’s responsiveness and reduce loading times, thereby enhancing overall performance and user satisfaction.
  • Bug Rectification: Continuous efforts are in place to refine browser stability by addressing and rectifying minor bugs and incorporating user feedback into ongoing improvements.

XANA Builder

Key Highlights:

  • Bug Resolution: Our team has been actively identifying and correcting defects to enhance the stability and reliability of the XANA Builder platform.
  • New Gaming Initiative: The development of the Eggy Party game has commenced, with a focus on creating interactive and entertaining gameplay experiences. This new initiative marks a significant expansion of our gaming content.
  • Component and Feature Expansion: We have integrated new essential components and initiated a phased implementation of additional game features designed to enrich user engagement and interactivity within the platform.


Key Highlights:

  • Profile-Feed Enhancement: Improvements to user profile and feed functionality now include options to edit and remove posts, providing users with enhanced control over their content and a more secure, personalized experience.
  • App Optimizations: Dedicated efforts have been made to address and rectify performance-related feedback, leading to improvements in app responsiveness and user experience.
  • Chat Feature Enhancements: Significant enhancements to the one-to-one chat feature have been implemented to support seamless and reliable communication among users, with improved data handling and interface interactions.


Key Highlights:

  • AI Integration in Trial League: We are developing the addition of NPCs to the Trial League, providing a more challenging and engaging competitive environment for players.
  • Deck Logic Revision: Adjustments have been made to the deck configuration rules across various leagues to ensure fair play and balanced competition. These changes have been implemented and are currently undergoing rigorous testing to guarantee optimal gameplay.
  • Font Updates and Bug Fixes: We’ve updated the user interface with new font standards to enhance readability and user experience. Additionally, a thorough bug resolution process has been completed to address and fix previously identified issues.
  • Version Control Improvements: Enhanced our version management processes to maintain consistency and functionality across both mobile and desktop platforms, ensuring a seamless user experience.


Our regular updates across all XANA platforms demonstrate our unwavering commitment to enriching the user environment with enhanced features and optimized performance. Each enhancement is designed to improve user engagement, incorporate key functionalities, and refine our ecosystem for a more engaging and efficient experience.

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Table of contents