“XALLET App (Alpha Version) Officially Released”

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Update Details for XALLET App

Alpha Version Features

  • Multichain Wallet: Primary support for XANAChain, with compatibility for ETHChain, BNBChain, and PolygonChain.
  • Token Transactions: Send and receive major tokens through the wallet.
  • QR Code Scanning: Import addresses easily using the QR code function.
  • Transaction History: Integrated with the scan site’s Explorer to review sending and receiving history.
  • Balance Management: Utilize XALLET for effective balance management.
  • Security Features: Added passcode lock functionality for enhanced security.
  • Multilingual Support: Available in four languages.
  • NFT Integration: Identify and view owned NFTs with meta-images, constantly accessible under the ‘Owned’ tab.
  • Marketplace Connection: Browse collections and items linked to XANALIA Marketplace anytime.
  • Additional Features: Includes the Discover feature and social functions like the Like button.
  • XANA GENESIS AI Chat: Accessible within the XALLET app.

Notes on Usability

  • Beta Bugs: Users may encounter bugs related to UI adjustments during the upgrade process. Your understanding and patience are appreciated.

Download Information

Android and iOS Availability

  • Android Version: Available for download at Google Play Store
  • iOS Version: Currently in preparation, with a launch coming soon.

User Manuals

Compatible Device Specifications

Android Requirements

  • OS: Android 10 or higher
  • CPU: Snapdragon 665 Octa-core or better
  • GPU: Adreno 618
  • RAM: At least 6 GB
  • Storage: Minimum 3 GB free space

iOS Requirements

  • Device: iPhone 11 or newer
  • OS: iOS 14 or higher
  • CPU: 6-core processor (2x Monsoon + 4x Mistral)
  • GPU: Apple GPU (3-core)

*Note: Users should ensure their devices meet or exceed these specifications to avoid potential issues such as UI malfunctions or app crashes.

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Table of contents