“XANA x BreakingDown NFT Freemint and Allowlist Campaign Commences”

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Introduction to XANA x BreakingDown NFT

Partnership and NFT Launch

XANA, alongside BreakingDown, Japan’s premier martial arts entertainment entity, announces a joint venture to introduce a Web 3.0 game. This game features avatars in the XANA metaverse adhering to BreakingDown’s rules.

  • NFTs: “XANA x BreakingDown” NFTs comprise thousands of unique, generative avatars.
  • Release Date: Initial launch set for March 31.
  • Metaverse and Game Utility: NFT holders can utilize avatars within the Metaverse and the upcoming game, scheduled for release this year.

Resources for Collaboration

Campaign Specifics

Celebration Campaign

To celebrate the XANA and BreakingDown collaboration, an exclusive campaign offers Freemints and Allowlist spots.

  • Giveaways: 100 Freemints and 500 Allowlist spots up for grabs.

Campaign Schedule

  • Start Date: Effective immediately.
  • End Date: March 26, 09:00 UTC.
  • Winner Announcement: March 27, 10:00 UTC.
  • Freemint Details: Winners to be notified later with minting information.

Participation Guidelines

  1. Follow on Twitter: Rio Noborderz & XANA Metaverse
  2. Join Discord: XANA Discord
  3. Like & Retweet: Campaign Tweet
  4. Application Form: Allowlist Application

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Table of contents