“XANA Builder Update v23.03.03 – Enhancements and New Features”

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Update Information

Exciting New Additions and Improvements

  • Ninja Assets: Approximately 100 new Ninja-themed assets.
  • Diverse New Assets: Around 350 new assets including buildings, futuristic styles, effects, etc.
  • Sunlight and Brights Updates: Enhanced lighting effects.
  • Avatar Movement Sync: Avatar jump and speed settings in XANA Builder now reflected in the XANA app.
  • Configurable Spawn Points: Set up multiple spawns for avatars with the “Current point” option.
    • Default Spawn Behavior:
      • No spawns set: Avatars appear from the world’s center.
      • One spawn placed: Avatar appears at that location.
      • Multiple spawns without “Current point” set: Appearance from the world’s center.
      • Only one spawn can be set as the “Current point”.
  • Bug Fixes: Resolved the look-around issue, thumbnail image on auto-save, and about 30 other minor bugs.

Notes for Publishing

Publishing to XANA APP

  • Test Version Availability: The function to publish worlds to the “XANA APP” is in the test phase.
  • LAND NFT Requirement: Currently, anyone can publish as the LAND NFT identification function is pending. Once implemented, existing worlds will become private, requiring LAND NFT selection for republishing.
  • Visibility in the XANA APP: Check the “New” and “HOT” tabs for public worlds. “My World” will be available after wallet login implementation.
  • Editing Published Worlds: To change the land size of a published world, it must first be unpublished.

Publishing Manual

Download Information

XANA APP Availability

  • iOS App: iOS Test Flight Download
  • Android App: Google Play Store Download
  • Trial Implementations: Objects and SKY are on a trial basis and may change, impacting in-world productions.
  • Auto Save Recommendation: Due to potential errors related to desktop specs, the “Auto Save” setting is advised.
  • Feedback and Support: Share issues or improvement suggestions here. For urgent support, contact Xanalia’s customer service for personalized assistance.

XANA Builder Download

Compatible Devices

System Requirements

  • Windows: Windows 7, 10, 11 (64-bit), X64 architecture, DX10 graphics card, 4 GB RAM, 6 GB Free Storage.
  • Mac: macOS Mojave 10.14 or above, X64 architecture (Intel processors), Apple M1 or above, 4 GB Memory, Metal-capable GPUs, 4 GB RAM, 6 GB Free Storage.
  • Note: Ensure system specs meet or exceed requirements to avoid UI issues and bugs.
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Table of contents