“XANA x BreakingDown NFT Spreading Challenge”

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Join the XANA x BreakingDown Promotion and Win!

The Challenge Concept

  • Objective: Spread awareness about the XANA x BreakingDown collaboration as widely as possible to win exciting prizes!

Campaign Duration

  • Active Period: From now until April 14.
  • Submission Deadline: Applications must be submitted by April 25 (UTC). Share the URLs of your posts on various platforms using this Application Form.
  • Announcement and Prize Distribution: Scheduled for the end of April or early May.
  • NFT Launch: Coincides with the tournament on March 31 (specific time TBA).
  • NFT Reveal: Set for April 7 at 19:00 Japan Time.

Platform Point System

  • Twitter: Each impression earns 5 points.
  • TikTok: Each play is worth 10 points.
  • YouTube: Each play garners 50 points.
  • Instagram (REEL): One play equals 2 points.
  • Top Scorers: The top 10 on each platform with 100,000 points or more will be awarded prizes.


Each SNS Top 10 and above XANA x BreakingDown NFT x 1
Each SNS Top 3 XANA x BreakingDown NFT x 2
Each SNS Top 2 XANA x BreakingDown NFT x 3
Each SNS Top 1 XANA x BreakingDown NFT x 4

Materials for Promotion

Promotional Assets

  • XANA Official Logo
  • XANA x BreakingDown NFT Visuals
  • XANA’s Official Promotional Content
  • BreakingDown Materials (Currently under review)

Non-Countable Actions

  • Playback and View Buying: Determined by comparing the number of followers with actual engagement. These will not be counted towards the challenge.
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Table of contents