“XANA Festival Vol.4 at Amazon Music Studio Tokyo” Invitation

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Event Overview

XANA Festival Vol.4

  • Date: May 30, 2023 (Tuesday). Exact timing will be communicated separately to winners.
  • Venue: Amazon Music Studio Tokyo.
  • Participants: Limited to 30 XANA DAO members.

Application Process

How to Apply

Application Deadline

  • Deadline: 14th May (Sun) 24:00 (UTC).

Selection Process

Criteria for Selection

  • Selection will be made from the “Top XETA Stakers”.
  • Consideration includes participants’ involvement in XANA activities and “XANA DAO MVP” award history.

Important Notes

Application Specifics

  • Wallet Address Submission Form: Same as the “XANA x BreakingDownNFT” Allow List Application Form.
  • Previous Registrants: Previously registered details will appear upon wallet connection. Update or add a sub-wallet as needed.
  • Application Confirmation: An email with application details will be sent. Edits can be made until the deadline via the provided URL.

Participation is exclusive to supportive XANA DAO members, and attendees will experience the event both in real and in the XANA App Metaverse.

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Table of contents