“XANA x BreakingDown 8” Invitation

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Event Invitation

“BreakingDown 8” Pre-Event Press Conference

  • Date: 20th May (Sat) – Exact time to be confirmed.
  • Location: To be announced to winners.
  • Participants: Limited to 5 DAO members.

“BreakingDown 8” Tournament

  • Date: 21st May (Sun) – Doors open at 10:30, starts at 11:00.
  • Venue: Prism Hall, Tokyo Dome City.
  • Participants: Limited to 3 DAO members.

Application Process

Submission Requirements

  • Forms Required: Both the forms listed below must be completed.
  • Consistency: Use the same Discord tag for both applications.
  • Commitment: Apply only if able to attend. Notify the XANA team if unable to participate after selection.

Application Deadline

  • Deadline: 7th May (Sun) 24:00 (UTC).

Selection Method

Selection Criteria

  • Methodology: Selection is split. Half from applicants of both (1) and (2), and half from “top holders of XANA x BreakingDown NFT” and “top XETA stakers”.
  • Exclusivity: No duplicates for (1) and (2). If selected for both, priority given to (2).
  • Considerations: XANA activity involvement and “XANA DAO MVP” award history.

Important Notes

Application Specifics

  • Wallet Address Submission Form: Same as the previous “XANA x BreakingDownNFT” Allow List Application Form.
  • Existing Registrants: Previously registered details will be shown upon wallet connection. Update or add sub-wallet as necessary.

Engagement and support in XANA x BreakingDown events are valued for this exclusive opportunity.

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Table of contents