“XANA Festival Vol 5.0 at Amazon Music Studio Tokyo” Invitation

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Event Overview

Exclusive Invitation for DAO Members

  • Event Name: “XANA Festival Vol 5.0”
  • Event Date: June 26, 2023 (Tuesday)
  • Venue: Amazon Music Studio Tokyo
  • Mode: Real and Metaverse (XANA App)
  • Participants: Limited to 30 XANA DAO members

Application Process

How to Apply for the Event

  • Application Requirement: Open to XANA DAO members who consistently support XANA
  • Application Forms:
    1. Festival Invitation Form: Application Form for “XANA Festival Vol 5.0” invitation
    2. Wallet Address Submission: Submission Form for wallet address
  • Consistency in Application: Use the same Discord tag name for both forms
  • Commitment: Apply only if able to attend. Notify the XANA team promptly if unable to participate post-selection
  • Deadline for Applications: June 20, 2023, by 24:00 (UTC)

Selection Criteria

Determining the Attendees

  • Basis for Selection: Preference given to “Top XETA Stakers” and active DAO members with a record of winning the “XANA DAO MVP” award

Important Notes for Applicants

Additional Information and Guidelines

  • Form Details: The “Wallet Address Submission Form” doubles as the “XANA x BreakingDown NFT” Allow List Application Form. Previously registered details will be displayed for returning applicants.
  • Application Confirmation: Upon submission, a confirmation email will be sent with an option to edit the application within the given timeframe.
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Table of contents