Rooster Fighter NFT Migration to XANAChain Contract

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Objective of Migration

Enhancing Rooster Fighter NFT Functionality

  • Purpose: Transitioning to an upgradable contract on XANAChain to incorporate additional functionalities essential for the Rooster Race.

Migration Schedule and Details

Key Steps in the Migration Process

  • Migration Period: Scheduled from June 11 to June 13, 2023.
  • Migration Process:
    1. Transfer of NFTs: All Rooster Fighter NFTs from ETHChain and BSCChain will be migrated to the new ERC721 contract on XANAChain.
    2. Marketplace Adjustments: XANA NFT, OpenSea, and other platforms will experience automatic cancellation of listings and migration of those listed.
    3. User Involvement: No specific action required from the users.

Post-Migration Information

Notifications and Updates

  • Supplementary Note: Following the completion of the migration process, an announcement will be made providing the new contract address for XANAChain and the collection URL for XANA NFT.
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Table of contents