XANA First Metaverse Fan Meeting and Voice NFTs drop has completed successfully

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The Innovative Event

NOBORDER.z FZE successfully hosted the “Shinnosuke Tachibana Metaverse Fan Meeting” in the XANA metaverse, developed by the company. This event, tailored for both local and overseas audiences, featured Shinnosuke Tachibana, one of Japan’s most renowned voice actors. The fan meeting marked a significant stride in bilingual transmission within the metaverse, catering to a diverse, global audience.

NFT Tickets: A Unique Souvenir

In a creative twist, the voice of Shinnosuke Tachibana, recorded live at the event, was encapsulated within the NFT event tickets. This innovation upgraded the NFT tickets to include Tachibana’s voice, offering attendees a unique and memorable keepsake. The NFT card served multiple purposes: it was a ticket for live streaming the fan meeting, an entry pass to the meetup venue in the metaverse, and post-event, it transformed into an NFT ticket with Tachibana’s live voice recording. This feature provided fans with an exclusive and premium experience, being the first voice NFT by a leading Japanese voice actor.

Fan Engagement

The event saw a high level of engagement, with fans spontaneously reacting to Tachibana’s dynamic gameplay. This interaction highlighted the immersive nature of the XANA metaverse, allowing fans to connect with artists in new and exciting ways.

Expanding Horizons in the Metaverse

The success of this event with Shinnosuke Tachibana has opened doors to new forms of expression and opportunities for voice actors in the NFT and metaverse era. XANA is committed to hosting more such events, continually enhancing the virtual event space. These events not only provide unique experiences for fans but also pave the way for artists to explore and capitalize on the digital world’s potential.

The limited-sale NFT ticket holders could only view the live streaming. It was simultaneously related to a large monitor in the special XANA Metaverse world, where Tachibana could watch fans in the Metaverse dance, comment, and interact with other fan avatars in real-time, creating the event a great success.

Metaverse Live

Each avatar walked around the venue talking to and touching each other.

Avatar participants dancing in the hall and expressing their joy with their movements.

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Table of contents