XANA Original NFTs: Empowering Co-Creation with Commercial Rights

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XANA has experienced a remarkable surge in popularity within the crypto market. Known for its successful official NFT launches of iconic Japanese IPs like Astroboy, ULTRAMAN, and Rooster Fighter, XANA has made a significant mark in the NFT community. These Japanese Anime character NFTs have gained immense popularity, and XANA is set to enhance these NFTs with limitless utility through its Metaverse & GameFi platform.

Notably, XANA’s success has caught the attention of leading crypto exchanges Bybit and OKEX, both of which have announced their NFT collaborations with XANA.

Original IP

XANA is on a mission to ascend to the pinnacle of the metaverse world. The XANA team has identified a crucial next step: the creation of original NFT IPs unique to the XANA Metaverse. This strategic move allows XANA to grant commercial rights to its community of owners, including users and creators worldwide.

Offering commercial access to these NFTs will foster and empower user-generated content within XANA’s community, expanding its reach. This initiative will unlock vast opportunities for users and creators on the XANA Metaverse to produce unlimited Metaverse-oriented content and monetize their creations.

Detailed guidelines for this process will be created and made available on XANA’s official site prior to the NFT Drop.

Generative Avatars

“XANA: Genesis” represents XANA’s inaugural foray into original NFT projects. These first 10,000 Metaverse avatars, currently in 2D visual form, are the result of millions of combinations of unique elements. Ownership of these pioneering XANA Metaverse Avatars will be vested in the XANA community. Any member of the XANA community can acquire a XANA: Genesis NFT, granting them complete rights to one of these original XANA Metaverse Avatars, akin to owning a digital asset.


XANA’s Metaverse and GameFi Utility XANA’s approach to integrating NFTs into its Metaverse and GameFi platforms is a game-changer. NFT owners can expect a multitude of utilities, transforming the way digital assets are perceived and utilized in virtual spaces.

Huge $XETA Grants

XANA is setting the stage for a revolutionary change in the NFT landscape by offering significant $XETA grants. This initiative is designed to incentivize and catalyze the creative process within the XANA ecosystem.

NFT Drop Plan

XANA is meticulously planning the NFT drop, ensuring that it aligns perfectly with the community’s expectations and the overarching vision of the XANA Metaverse. This drop is anticipated to be a landmark event, further cementing XANA’s position in the Metaverse and NFT arenas.

Minting Groups:

  1. VIP Group 1: Alpha pass-holders
  2. VIP Group 2: ULTRAMAN NFTDUEL Genesis cards holders
  3. VIP Group 3: Rooster Fighter Holders
  4. VIP Group 4: Astroboy x Japan NFTDUEL Genesis cards holders
  5. Whitelist: Whitelist participants + Tweet interaction

Public Sale

  • Minting Time: 3-4 hours interval between groups
  • Pricing: 0.08-0.10 ETH (discounted for earlier groups)
  • No Limit: No minting limit per person
  • Date: Scheduled before IDO

Server Capacity and Contingency Plan

Past XANA drops have experienced server issues due to high traffic. The team has upgraded their system for better optimization. However, if similar issues occur, allocated minting times will be extended accordingly, and subsequent groups’ start times will be postponed as needed.

Stay Updated

The whitelist and the official page for the XANA: Genesis NFT drop will be live soon. Keep an eye on XANA : Genesis Website for the latest information and be part of this exciting journey in both the metaverse and the real world.

Begin Your Metaverse Journey

Join us in shaping the narrative of the XANA Metaverse. This isn’t just a story – it’s our story.

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Table of contents