XANA Metaverse Festival: A New Year Celebration

XANA is set to host its first official music festival on December 30th, marking the end of a remarkable 2022 and ushering in 2023 with a grand celebration. This event signifies XANA’s commitment to being a next-generation web3 metaverse entertainment platform.

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Event Details and Schedule

Festival Schedule

  • Doors Open: 11:30 (UTC), December 30th
  • Live Start: 12:00 (UTC), December 30th
  • Venue: XANA Metaverse Festival (Opens on the same day)

Event Highlights

  • Live Performances: Featuring XANA: Genesis’s new original songs.
  • Special Announcements: Exciting news and updates to be shared.
  • DJ Dance Party: Hosted by Founder Rio Noborderz.

Essential Event Notes

Latest App Version

Ensure you have the latest version of the XANA app (v22.12.29) for the best experience.

Event Troubleshooting

  1. Bluetooth Earphones: Wired earphones recommended due to potential mono audio quality issues.
  2. Audio Issues on iOS: Restore volume by adjusting the iPhone slider.
  3. Festival World Loading: If stuck at 98%, try restarting or reinstalling the app.
  4. Stage LED Quality: Poor image quality may improve with a stable Wi-Fi connection.
  5. Event Venue Accessibility: Refresh or reinstall the app if the venue does not appear.

Join the XANA Metaverse Festival

Get ready to celebrate the New Year with the XANA community! Download the latest version of the XANA app, immerse yourself in groundbreaking performances, and be a part of the exciting announcements. Don’t miss the chance to experience the vibrant energy of the XANA Metaverse Festival. Join us on December 30th for an unforgettable digital celebration!

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Table of contents