XANA Metaverse Mobile App Update v22.12.24: Enhancing User Experience

XANA Metaverse has released a significant update for its mobile app, enhancing the user experience with improved avatar textures and several bug fixes.

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Major Improvements and New Features

Enhanced Avatar Experience

  • Texture Upgrade: Major improvement in avatar textures for a more realistic look.
  • Account Deletion: Users can now delete their accounts directly from the settings on the profile page.
  • Bug Fixes: Resolved various bugs related to avatar customization, asset display, and saving favorites.

Improved User Interface

  • Profile Page Updates: Updated bugs and UI on the profile page.
  • First-Person View: Fixed a bug affecting the first-person view in the app.
  • Multiplayer Experience: Addressed UI bugs occurring during simultaneous connections.

General Bug Fixes

  • Approximately 25 Minor Bugs: Fixed to enhance overall app functionality.
  • Thumbnails in Builder: Temporarily of low quality, with future updates planned.
  • iPhone 14 Compatibility: Addressing issues like audio unavailability (future update planned).

Compatibility and Download Information

Compatible Devices

  • iPhone 11 or Later
    • OS: iOS 14 or later
    • CPU: 6-core, 2.39 GHz
    • GPU: Apple GPU (3-core)
    • iOS App Download
  • Android 10 Version or Above
    • CPU: Snapdragon 665 Octa-core or higher
    • GPU: Adreno 618
    • RAM: 6 GB or more
    • Free Storage: 3 GB
    • Android App Download

Note on Compatibility

  • Incompatible devices may experience UI corruption or app crashes.

Connectivity and Limitations

Simultaneous Connections

  • Up to 10 people can connect in one world. Exceeding this number may result in being in a different dimension.

Alpha Version Limitations

  • Longer loading times for worlds.
  • Potential app crashes with excessive simultaneous connections.
  • Limited SNS and other functions, to be released in future updates.
  • Recommended to use in environments with stable Wi-Fi due to large app size.
  • If issues persist, users are advised to uninstall and reinstall the app.

Explore the New XANA Metaverse!

Dive into the enhanced XANA Metaverse with its latest mobile app update. Experience the improved avatar textures, smoother user interface, and general bug fixes for an optimized virtual world journey. Download the updated app now and join the evolving community in XANA’s digital universe!

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Table of contents