XANA Metaverse, Inc’s Landmark Achievement: Simultaneous Listing on Four Major Exchanges

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A New Era in Cryptocurrency: XANA’s Historical Listing

XANA Metaverse, Inc, a groundbreaking Web 3.0 metaverse project developed by NOBORDERz, helmed by CEO Rio Takeshi Kubo, and managed by XANALIA Limited, has made a monumental stride in the digital world. It’s set for a simultaneous listing on four of the globe’s most prestigious cryptocurrency exchanges, marking a new chapter in the crypto space.

The Climactic Moment in Web 3.0 Metaverse Evolution

The XANA metaverse, recognized as the most successful IDO (Initial DEX Offering) to date on the acclaimed DAOMaker platform, is expanding its reach exponentially. This illustrious metaverse is scheduled for listing on renowned exchanges OKX, Bybit, Gale, and Huobi. These platforms, each commanding daily trading volumes exceeding hundreds of billions of yen and a user base of over 10 million, stand at the forefront of the digital trading realm. The XANA token, XETA, will officially be traded from 18:00 to 18:10 Japan Standard Time (JST) on July 20, 2012. This milestone announcement, made on July 19, has ignited widespread excitement and anticipation across the global cryptocurrency market.

■ Listing time

OKX 7/20 18時00(JST)
Bybit 7/20 18時05(JST)
Gate.io 7/20 18時05(JST)
Huobi 7/20 18時07(JST)

■ More details on each exchange


Established in 2017, OKX has emerged as a powerhouse with over 20 million global users in 180 regions. It’s recognized as the world’s second-largest exchange in spot trading volume, boasting a daily trading average of $3 billion and a diverse portfolio of 250 digital assets.

XANA Trading Info https://www.okx.com/support/hc/en-us/articles/7778256731533


A force in the crypto world since March 2018, Bybit has users in over 130 countries. Ranking 4th in the derivative crypto asset exchanges, it’s second only to Binance in terms of global access volume.

XANATrading Info(Now preparing for release) https://www.bybit.com/


Known for its rapid growth, Gate.io handles over 900 crypto asset issues and is celebrated for its vast array of offerings and user convenience, placing it among the top 10 exchanges globally.

XANA Trading Info https://www.gate.io/article/27246


Since its inception in 2013, Huobi has consistently led the market in stocks, customer base, and trading volume. With an impressive roster of over 20 million users across 170 countries and an average daily trading volume of $1.7 billion, Huobi is a titan in the crypto exchange world.

XANA Trading info https://www.huobi.co.no/support/en-us/detail/34912555071327
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Table of contents