“XANA Metaverse Mobile App Update v23.02.15 – Enhancements and Compatibility”

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Update Details

Key Enhancements in the Latest Update

  • User Name Display: Option to turn on/off user names in worlds, adjustable in settings.
  • Map Display Control: Ability to toggle map displays in worlds with maps, configurable in settings.
  • Color Consistency: Worlds and assets from the builder now have matching color tones in the XANA app.
  • Bug Fixes: Resolved issues in builder worlds and crashes during XANA Festivals and events.
  • Additional Minor Fixes: Implemented 10 minor bug fixes for improved app stability.

Compatible Devices and Download Information

Requirements for iOS and Android

  • iPhone Compatibility:
    • OS: iOS 14 or later.
    • CPU: 6-core, 2.39 GHz (2x Monsoon + 4x Mistral).
    • GPU: Apple GPU (3-core).
    • iOS App Download: Test Flight Version (Note: App is in test version).
  • Android Compatibility:
    • OS: Android 10 or later.
    • CPU: Snapdragon 665 Octa-core or higher.
    • GPU: Adreno 618.
    • RAM: 6 GB or more.
    • Free Storage: 3 GB.
    • Android App Download: Google Play Store.

Simultaneous Connection Limits

User Capacity in a Single World

  • Maximum Capacity: Up to 10 people can connect in one world.
  • Dimensional Shift: Exceeding this limit may result in users being in different dimensions despite being in the same world.

Alpha Version Limitations

Considerations for the Current App Version

  • Loading Time: Extended time may be required to load worlds.
  • Crash Risks: Increased chance of app crashes with excessive simultaneous connections.
  • Function Limitations: Certain SNS and other functions are currently restricted and will be gradually released in updates.
  • Optimal Usage Environment: Recommended use of mobile devices in areas with strong communication signals, like Wi-Fi.
  • Troubleshooting: In case of non-optimal performance on supported devices, try uninstalling and reinstalling the app.
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Table of contents