“XANA Metaverse’s Remarkable Growth: Over 70 Adoptions in Its First Year”

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Overview of XANA’s Major Adoptions

Impactful Collaborations and Partnerships

  • Local Governments Embrace XANA: Tottori, Okayama, Tokyo’s Koto Ward, and Oarai have integrated XANA into their local governance and promotional activities.
  • Educational Advancements: China’s top arts university, CAFAIC, incorporates XANA into its curriculum.
  • Tourism Revolution: Working with a major global tourism brand and Japan’s largest tourism company, JTB, XANA is innovating the $1.3 trillion industry.
  • Sports and Entertainment: Hosting the Action Sports NFTs Award and bringing Thai kickboxing to the metaverse with THAI FIGHT and former WBA World Champion Shinji Takehara.
  • Anime and Manga Integration: Acquiring rights to over 100 Anime & Manga IPs and collaborating with iconic characters like ULTRAMAN and Astroboy.
  • TV and Film Collaborations: Fuji TV’s “Run for Money” and the popular anime movie “Deemo” have entered the XANA metaverse.
  • Real Estate Ventures: Major players like Fujiland and Recruit’s SUUMO have acquired XANA LAND.
  • Music Industry Moves: Engagement with K-pop and J-pop artists, including J-JUN and Yuya Tegoshi, and partnerships with Pony Canyon Planning.
  • Credit Card Alliance: JCB, Japan’s largest credit company, partners with XANA.
  • Festivals and Events: Tokyo Idol Festival’s after-party in the XANA metaverse and collaborations with various artists and influencers.
  • Retail and Fashion Forays: AEON RETAIL and Hiroko Koshino have embraced XANA’s digital wearables.
  • Stationery and Food Brands: Companies like YAMATO, SAKURA Color Products, TSUBAME NOTE, and Calbee have engaged with XANA.
  • Crypto Exchange Collaborations: Binance, Kucoin, OKX, Bybit, Gate.io, and Huobi have formed partnerships, highlighting XANA’s blockchain initiatives.

XANA’s Metaverse Journey: A Year of Unprecedented Growth

Celebrating a Milestone of Over 70 Adoptions

  • Building Robust Relationships: XANA’s focus on a community-centered approach has led to a surge in growth, even amidst challenging market conditions.
  • Diverse Sector Engagement: From local governments and educational institutions to tourism, sports, entertainment, real estate, and more, XANA’s versatile collaborations have been instrumental in its rapid expansion.
  • Global Recognition: XANA’s innovative strategies have led to its significant adoption rate, making it a standout project in the Web3 and metaverse sectors.
  • Future Outlook: The immense success in its first year sets a promising trajectory for XANA’s continued evolution and influence in the metaverse landscape.
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Table of contents