XANA Wallet Registration and Discord Role Granting System

XANA introduces a new wallet registration form and Discord role granting system. This system is designed to enhance the experience of all XANA participants.

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XANA Wallet Registration Process

  • Main and Sub Wallets: You can register one main wallet and multiple sub wallets.
  • Discord Role Addition: Roles are added based on the amount of XETA staking and NFT holdings registered in your wallet.
  • Daily Updates: XETA Staking and NFT amounts are recalculated daily, updating the roles granted.
  • Distribution of Rewards: Used to distribute rewards, NFTs, and grant Allow List access (main wallet address).
  • Wallet Registration Requirement: Register your wallet to be eligible for various XANA campaigns.
  • Address Change in Case of Hacking: Change your main wallet registration immediately if hacked.
  • Lottery Consideration: XETA staking and NFT holdings in registered wallets are considered for lotteries.

How to Register?

The points of the wallet registration are as follows.

  • You can register one main wallet and multiple sub wallets.
  • Add the role of Discord. (The amount of XETA staking and various NFT holdings are calculated based on the registered wallet information, and rolls are added.)
    ※Once a day, the latest XETA Staking and NFT amounts are recalculated and the rolls granted are updated.
  • Used to distribute various rewards and NFTs and to grant Allow List (distributed and granted to the main wallet address).
    ※If you do not register your Wallet, you may not be eligible to win any of the various campaigns by XANA.
    ※If your main wallet address has been hacked, please immediately change the registration of your main wallet to another wallet (delete it and register a new one).
  • When the amount of XETA staking and NFT holdings are taken into account when selecting the lottery, the registered wallets (Main and Sub) are calculated together to selecting the lottery.

See the following article for instructions on filling out the XANA Wallet registration form.

For instructions on filling out the XANA Wallet registration form, please see the following article: XANA Wallet Registration Instructions


  • Role Deletion and Updating: All current and new system roles will be deleted once and granted anew with the latest information.
  • Daily Checks: A function has been implemented to remove roles that don’t meet current conditions, with daily checks and updates.

New Discord Role Granting System

  • Automatic Calculation: XETA staking and NFT holdings are calculated, and corresponding Discord roles are assigned.
  • Role Conditions: Highest roles meeting conditions in the same category are granted.
  • Category and Roll Details

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Category Role Name Granting conditions
The Big Four 👑 The Big Four Owns all of the following
・Land (ETH)
・XANA Alpha pass
XETA Staking 🥇XETA God 10,000,000 XETA
🥈XETA Legend 5,000,000 XETA
🥉XETA Emperor 1,000,000 XETA
4️⃣XETA King 500,000 XETA
5️⃣XETA Queen 100,000 XETA
6️⃣XETA Knight 50,000 XETA
7️⃣XETA Baby 10,000 XETA
(See below for more information on points)
🥇King(国王) 500P
🥈Prime Minister(首相) 200P
🥉Minister(大臣) 100P
4️⃣Governor(州知事) 50P
5️⃣Mayor(市長) 20P
6️⃣Town Mayor(町長) 10P
7️⃣Village Chief(村長) 5P
8️⃣Landload(地主) 1P
XANA:Genesis 🥇Genesis Heaven 20 NFT
🥈Genesis Harem 10 NFT
🥉Genesis Master 5 NFT
4️⃣Genesis Playboy 3 NFT
5️⃣Genesis Lover 1 NFT
XANA:Penpenz 🥇King of Penpenz 5 NFT
🥈Master Penpenz 4 NFT
🥉Doctor Penpenz 3 NFT
4️⃣Mister Penpenz 2 NFT
5️⃣Penpez lover 1 NFT
XANA Alpha pass 🥇Royal Penguin 5 NFT
🥈King Penguin 4 NFT
🥉Queen Penguin 3 NFT
4️⃣Jack Penguin 2 NFT
5️⃣First Penguin 1 NFT
XANA DAO MVP 🥇4 x MVP 4-time MVP
🥈3 x MVP 3-time MVP
🥉2 x MVP 2-time MVP

※About Land’s points

Rarity Size Point
Super Rare 4×4 234P
Super Rare 3×3 106P
Super Rare 2×2 43P
Super Rare 1×1 10P
Rare 4×4 56P
Rare 3×3 29P
Rare 2×2 12P
Rare 1×1 3P
Common 4×4 19P
Common 3×3 10P
Common 2×2 4P
Common 1×1 1P
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Table of contents