XANA’s Weekly Tech Breakthroughs: Pushing Boundaries in Web 3 | 26 August – 1 September

Weekly Development Update

Noticeable progress.

Just when you thought the XANA team couldn’t get any better, they’ve blown us away with groundbreaking advancements this week! Elevating XANA’s reputation as a trailblazer in the Web 3 realm, here’s a quick rundown of what our stellar teams have pulled off.

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1. XANA App

Work in Progress

  1. Actively synchronizing XANA Builder Game Component into XANA
  2. Improving XANA App Usability for a Streamlined User Experience
  3. Enabling Multi-Save Functionality for Chosen Avatars

2. XANA Browser

New Development

  1. Enhanced User Login: Logout, Guest Access, and Avatar Memory.

Work in Progress

  1. Optimize Mobile Loading Screen UI.
  2. Selfie Screencaps will be Saveable to Your PC.

3. XANA Builder

XANA Builder Ver 23.09.01 is Now Live!

  1. Conducted a test implementation of an automatic 3D image generation feature using AI.
  2. Implemented three Crypto Ninja characters into the game components.
  3. Fixed approximately 30 minor bugs, including improvements to the DAO reporting.

New Development

  1. Game Component Issues Successfully Resolved
  2. AI-Generated Skyboxes Now Importable in Builder
  3. Search Issue in Favorite Tab Fixed

4. XANA Web

New Development

  1. Optimize Top UI for Mobile Display
  2. Implement Event Filters on Event Pages
  3. Enable Video Thumbnail Trimming Upon Upload


New Development

  1. We have Successfully Done XANA DAO MVP airdrop
  2. Resolve Scroll Glitch in Mobile Search Functionality
  3. XANA Wallet Registration Function and New Discord Role Granting Function


The Ultimate IP Battle Game, NFTDUEL, Launches Soon: Final Test League (2nd) has started

  1. NFTDUEL is launching its official public beta after 18 months of development, featuring iconic Japanese characters like ULTRAMAN and Astroboy, allowing any character to be turned into a Web3 game.
  2. NFTDUEL is hosting a free-to-join test league for about a week to mark this significant launch, offering participants a chance to win various rewards.
  3. The latest version, 23.09.01, is now available for download, and the test league will run from September 1 to September 8, with tiered Prism Card rewards for top participants.

More Details here

Work In Progress

  1. Resolving Critical Gameplay Disruption Issue
  2. Resolving the “Something went wrong” pop-up during Matching
  3. Working on Implementing Battle History Tracking

7. Rooster Fighterz

Work in Progress

  1. Creating the Xanastone NFT Collection: Work is Underway for a Clearer, More User-Friendly Experience.
  2. Shifting from XETA to XANAStone for race entry and voting tickets.
  3. Enhancing Rooster Race UI for a More Intuitive and Engaging User Experience.

8. AI

Work in Progress

  1. Resolving XANA: Genesis Bugs
  2. Progressing on AI-generated 3D environments from text descriptions.


We’re grateful to our tight-knit and growing community. Your continued support and timely critique helped us stay on course and tread the difficult path relatively easily.

We’re working on delivering a unique experience that engulfs your senses and excites you to the core. And these regular updates are helping us achieve that goal.

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Table of contents