XANA Weekly Development Update: 10 June – 16 June

Weekly Development Update
Table of contents

XANA NFT Updates

Ongoing Developments

  • LAND Thumbnails: Enhancing LAND Map with thumbnail images for each LAND NFT.
  • Discord Role Allocation: Assigning roles in Discord based on NFT ownership.
  • Reflection Time Reduction: Minimizing reflection time across various aspects including NFT creation, purchase, and transfer.
  • Data Correction: Addressing wallet-related transaction and data discrepancies.

Game – NFTDUEL Enhancements

In Progress

  • Timer Suspension: Halting the timer during attack flows.
  • On-Chain League Participation: Requiring NFT card ownership for league participation.
  • $Fuel Optimization: Refining fuel distribution and burn processes.
  • Gameplay Improvement: Focusing on lag reduction and performance enhancement.

League Implementation

LP Restoration and League Rules

  • LP Restoration: Automatic reset of base LP post-league.
  • Fixed League Participation: No league changes allowed until completion.

NFT Projects Progress

XANA: Genesis and XANA LAND

  • Personalization of XANA: Genesis: Customizing traits like age, personality, and more.
  • Voice Selection: Offering a range of voices for AI interaction.
  • LAND Thumbnails: Visual enhancements for LAND recognition on the map.

Rooster Fighterz Integration

  • Chain Bridging: Bridging Rooster NFTs to XANAChain 721 for ecosystem participation.

XANA App Updates

Implemented and Ongoing Features

  • New Animations: Adding diverse animations like crouching and lying down.
  • Unique Hair Colors: Ensuring distinctiveness in avatar appearances.
  • Mini-Map Default: Setting the mini-map off by default for a cleaner interface.

Future Implementations

  • NFT Exhibition Event Features: Enhancing event hosting capabilities.
  • Avatar Customizations and UI Improvements: Continual enhancements in user experience.

XANA Web Development

User Experience and Functionality

  • World Joining Process: Detailed guidance for joining worlds.
  • Video Playback: Integrating pre-recorded and YouTube video playback.
  • UI and Display Updates: Refining the interface for Genesis Chat and event displays.

XANA Builder Enhancements

Creative Features and Bug Fixes

  • Gamification Modules: Adding new modules for creative expression.
  • Functional Upgrades: Implementing various interactive features like hyperlink popups and quizzes.
  • Bug Resolutions: Addressing issues in viewpoints, game components, and minor bugs.

Artificial Intelligence Integration

AI-Powered Innovations

  • Text to XANA Builder: Leveraging AI to generate diverse worlds.
  • Real-time Video Capture: Projecting real movements onto XANA avatars.


XANA continues to advance with significant updates, focusing on enhancing user experience and integrating AI technology. The team is dedicated to maintaining this momentum and delivering quality projects, supported by the XANA DAO community. Stay tuned for more development updates next week.

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Table of contents