NFTDUEL Final Test League: Application Now Open

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Overview of the NFTDUEL Final Test League

  • Testing Phase: The final test league for NFTDUEL is scheduled to commence in early July, specifically in the Bronze League.
  • Eligibility: Participation is exclusive to wallets registered through the official application form.

Application Process

Requirements and Procedure

  1. Form Submission: Interested participants must apply using the provided form.
  2. $FUEL Requirement: To perform Duel, applicants need to have $FUEL in their wallets.

Actions by XANA Team on Applied Wallets

  • League Points Setting: League Points (LP) will be set at 200 for all participants in the Bronze League.
  • $FUEL Airdrop: A total of 42 $FUEL (calculated as 0.6 * 5 * 14) will be airdropped to participants.
  • Post-League Actions: All $FUEL in participating wallets will be burnt at the conclusion of the test league.

Important Links and Deadlines

Additional Information

  • $FUEL Limitations: The $FUEL airdropped for this event holds no monetary value and cannot be transferred or swapped for other cryptocurrencies.
  • Further Announcements: Detailed dates and additional information about the NFTDUEL final test league will be shared in the near future.

This initiative marks a significant step towards refining the NFTDUEL experience, offering participants an exclusive opportunity to engage in the final testing phase of this innovative gaming platform.

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Table of contents