XANA Weekly Development Update | August 19 – 26, 2023

Weekly Development Update

Despite facing numerous challenges and a fluctuating global market, XANA continues to advance with remarkable resilience. This week’s progress is a testament to the unwavering commitment of our team. Let’s explore the strides we’ve made.

Table of contents

1. XANA App

New Development

  1. Developed features to recognize NFTs easily.

Work In Progress

  1. Introducing AI-driven NPC conversations for a more immersive experience.
  2. Working on adding footstep sounds to enhance user experience.

2. XANA Browser

New Development

  1. Streamlining login process and flow when logging into a world.

Work In Progress

  1. A number of UI improvements are underway.
  2. Actively Addressing Constraints in the NFT Exhibition Space.

3. XANA Web

New Development

  1. Improved the UI (user interface) of the XANA Web for a smooth experience.

Work In Progress

  1. Voice Chat, Text Chat, and Gestures are now ON by default for easier access and communication.

4. XANA Builder

New Development

  1. Resolved the problem of thumbnail size.
  2. Rectifying the issue of cut-off component selection boxes.
  3. Enable background music to serve as the primary sound.


New Development

  1. Developed the minting site for BreakingDown Land Vol 2.
  2. Successful BreakingDown 9 NFTs airdrop.
  3. Fix user interface issues in XANA NFT.


Work In Progress

  1. Revamping Your Battles: A New System for Fair and Efficient Fuel Management is in the Works.
  2. Actively Working on Resolving Disconnection and reconnection issue.
  3. Preparatory work for the start of the final test league (2nd).

7. Rooster Fighterz

Work in Progress

  1. Creating badges for top-ranking roosters in results.
  2. Shifting from XETA to XANAStone for race entry and voting tickets.
  3. Showing XANAStone balance alongside the user’s wallet.

8. AI

Work in Progress

  1. Developing XANA-Genesis Progressive Web App.
  2. Progressing on AI-generated 3D environments from text descriptions.


We’ve got much to conquer. The Web3 world we imagined is still miles away. But we’re slowly inching towards it.

Each department is contributing and doing its part in this difficult yet rewarding journey. We hope every one of you will stick around and witness that dream come to reality with us.

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Table of contents